Bring On April!

Goodbye March! Tomorrow is not only a blessed holiday, but it is also the start of Camp NaNoWriMo! I do plan to take time (after some quality family time of course) to begin my novel writing for the month of April. I’ve spent much of the past couple of weeks better organizing my notes and things to continue on with this draft of my Untitled Horror Novel. As you may know from my previous post, I do have a low goal set for myself this time around with just 20,000 words to write. While I do intend to write more – I would just rather focus on creating quality content that belongs in the story, verses rushing to get words out in order to put some bones in place. The bones are there even with the changes that are being introduced into this draft.

By the end of April I am planning to write out a much better synopsis of the novel. I don’t really enjoy giving out the ‘cheap version’ that I’ve shared for so long now. I look forward to the day I can share with readers an actual properly written synopsis of my upcoming debut. I am also seriously hoping to finally pick out a title. I want so badly to be done referring to this project as “Untitled Horror Novel”. I want to finally settle on a name for it. When I talk about progress on the novel, I want to actually give people a title to it. So those are definitely two things I hope to accomplish by the end of the month as well as get in as much writing done as I possibly can.

Admittedly, as I wrap up the month of March I did not get nearly as much novel writing in as I had hoped to. However with a clearer (and more organized) focus for the new month, I am definitely hoping to make a much stronger headway into the novel on this draft. I am still super confident I will make the deadlines I need to release the book for when I am currently planning. I’ve also planned out specific posts throughout the month of April for my blog here, so you will definitely hear more from me in this new month as I share my camp progress throughout the month.

In a final fun note for tonight, I did decide what I wanted to do as far as virtual cabin assignment this time around. I reached out to others in my NaNoWriMo home region (OCGR, MI) to see if anyone wanted to start up a cabin with me. I did get a few bites and thus, a private cabin was created. I’m looking forward to keeping it regional this time around. I hope this provides a fun opportunity to get to know some other local writers as we cheer each other.

Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? What’s your goal? Are you pumped for a month dedicated to writing? Leave me a note in the comments below about your April plans!

XOXO, Jane

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