Motivational Monday #01

It’s only the second day of Camp NaNoWriMo and I assure you, some people are already feeling the struggle to get started this week. Sure most people seem to pluck along happily on their keyboards during week one. Most people seem to find their heightened inspiration during that first week, as they have been revving up their creative engines the month prior in preparation. However, there are still people who approach the first days of a NaNoWriMo event with cautious fingers. The words may not be coming quite so easily to them, and for those people I say…

Just breathe! We are right now only on our second day of Camp. It’s going to be okay. You have plenty of time to focus those creative juices for your word count, line count, hours put in, or whatever writing-related goal you have set for yourself this month. So just take a moment, sit back, and breathe. Remind yourself that the goal you set is one you know you can handle. Whether it’s a large goal or a small goal, it’s one you knew you could achieve when you set it. It’s one that I know you can achieve.

Now if you are having a slow start in your month already, please note that you’re not alone here. Personally I set a low goal for myself of writing out just 20,000 words. Thus far all previous NaNoWriMo related events I’ve participated in, I’ve hit at least the daily word count goal on day one. Yesterday however I only got in just over 400 words (out of 667). Am I going to lose hope already? Oh heck no! I set the goal low on purpose and as mentioned already, I have the rest of the month to get myself on track. I know I will catch up and achieve my goal. Just as I know you are capable of doing the same.

Throughout this month of Camp NaNoWriMo, I would definitely love to offer myself as a personal cheerleader for you. Aside from sharing a ‘Motivational Monday’ post each week. If you need a positive encouraging voice feel free to drop me a line either in the comments below, by e-mail (check the contact page), or even by snail mail (again, contact page). I will happily get back to you a.s.a.p. with more encouragement and perhaps even with attempted, but most likely to be failed, high kicks.

XOXO, Jane

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