Word Count Wednesday #01

It’s that magical day where I share the progress I’ve been making with Camp NaNoWriMo April 2018. That moment where I share with you exactly where my word count is at so far. Now I’m going to give you a spoiler before we really dive into the rest of this post. By far, this is not my most productive start in a writing challenge. I am actually surprised in my lack of words – even if we are only on day four. How bad is my start? Well….

I am presently (as of this moment) sitting at 514 of 20,000 words.

Why the slow start? It’s called life. Yes, I’m blaming life…and my body. Our first day was Easter. So I cooked and I enjoyed some family time. I wrote very little. Day two, I was so sluggish from the day before that I wrote just a little. Day three, I woke up and felt so depleted of energy that I barely moved most of the day. My body just felt off and not right. I didn’t necessarily feel sick, but certainly not well. I did manage to make my regular Tuesday trip to the gym, but my enthusiasm was seriously lacking and I barely did what I normally do. I felt so unwell by the time I left that gym I worried I would have to call in to work today. Fortunately as I woke up today, day four, I still felt off, but a little more functional. My energy level is definitely down though. I also had a few other concerning symptoms so needless to say I called the doctor’s office and set up an appointment.

I normally never skip a day of writing – let alone two, even if I just write barely 100 words. However yesterday with how I was feeling I wrote not a single word. Today, I am not actually getting in any novel time either. The way I am feeling today, I am just unable to focus my energy where I want to. I am hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to put something more in.

Losing hope? Nope! This is only day four! I will not let my naturally pessimistic mind set to kick in quite yet. Besides last November, I kept falling behind and yet still managed to push through and make my word count goal before the end of the month. I know I’m just having a rough start, but things will smooth out and I will catch myself up.

By this time next week, I’m going to set a personal goal to hit at least 5,000 words. Given I am on my six day stretch at the day job – I would like to give myself some wiggle room not to freak out so much about how many words I’m trying to write a day.

If you are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, how are you doing so far with your goal? Let me know in the comments below!

XOXO, Jane

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