Motivational Monday #04

We have officially entered week four of Camp NaNoWriMo! It’s hard to believe how fast this month just seems to be zipping by. Some writers by now have already crossed the finish line on their personalized challenge. Other writers are fast approaching that finish line and writing with a new energy. While there are yet a group of us who still remain at this point in time on the struggling end of things. Maybe you started off strong and faltered, or maybe you’ve just been trying to chug along all month and it hasn’t quite got there for you yet. Never fear. You still have time! No really, you do. Keep reading.

For sure one of the things that I have personally struggled with this month is time. Life has thrown a few unexpected curve balls my way this month and I have certainly found myself struggling to keep up. I have set myself (what I feel are) easy goals. Goals that I have conquered on a regular basis when I’m not participating in a month long writing challenge. It’s been really hard for me this month though. From day one I found issues with my energy levels. Granted here in Michigan we’ve had an extended winter, which has proven to help a lot of people in the area naturally drop in their normal energy levels. People have been feeling a lot more fatigue than usual. Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of it these past few weeks. I’ve had days where I just felt completely zapped of energy, and my body felt like it had to fight itself to move in the slightest bit. Let me tell you, that does not make it easy to sit down and work on a novel.

You know what though? I’m still not allowing this to get me down. I know I’m not exactly where I planned to be even at this point of my word count goal. However, I also know I still have time and I can try again in this final week. Last November, I struggled halfway through the month. I started off strong, but then it was like I couldn’t do it. Every time I turned around I was falling behind almost as soon as I caught up. I don’t even mean a little bit behind, I was falling way behind. Yet somehow magically in the final week I was able to pull my creative energy out and get the words down. Despite the ups and downs happening around me, I managed to find that inner strength to push forward to really focus to get to my goal.

I strongly encourage you to not give up on yourself. Don’t look at how far behind you are. Take this last week as an opportunity to pin yourself down, bust your butt as a writer, and see what you can allow yourself to accomplish when you really push yourself. You got this. Yeah, I know broken record over here. It’s true though. YOU GOT THIS! I repeat, YOU, the person sitting there, reading this post, I know YOU got this.

If anyone around you is saying negative remarks, or putting you down for being into your project. Ignore them. Easier said than done I know, trust me, a lifetime of battling depression and anxiety – I know that’s not such an easy task. However, it’s really important for you to do your best to push away those negative commentaries; whether they come from others or yourself. You got to look yourself in the mirror again and say you can do this. Assure yourself, then sit down and work.

One week. Seven days. Let’s crush this final week together and reach our goals by April 30th this month!! We got this! I’m so here rooting you on. If you need personal encouragement, absolutely please feel free to reach out to me either in the comments below, by e-mail, or even on my social media. I got your back and I’m definitely cheering you on over here!

XOXO, Jane

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