Meeting Candace Cameron Bure

One of my absolute favorite shows from my childhood was and is Full House. Yes, I still admittedly tune into the reruns. I also happily tune into Fuller House on Netflix, because how could I not? With that in mind, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out that one of the series’ main cast members was coming to my area. Candace Cameron Bure (a.k.a. DJ Tanner/Fuller) has a new book out titled, Kind is the New Classy. Her current book tour actually had two nights scheduled at the Baker Book House here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was definitely exciting just to see she was coming, since I swear it feels like barely anyone ever comes to Michigan – let alone Grand Rapids!

Prior to the event I did have to purchase a ticket. Fortunately the cost of the ticket did include a copy of the book. Mine was for yesterday’s (April 25th) event at the 9pm to 10pm signing hour. At the time of my purchase, it was literally the only time that wasn’t sold out. Candace was scheduled to sign from 6pm to 10pm all together. Baker Book House actually closed its doors to the public at 5pm to finish setting up for the signing and only allowed ticket holders to Mrs. Bure’s event to enter starting at like 5:30pm.

After the ticket was purchased I think I got a total of five e-mails pertaining to this single event. One of the e-mails included ‘what to expect’ kind of details in it. The e-mail plainly stated that Candace would only be signing her new book. She would not personalize the autographs in an effort to save time and to get to more people. This was the same reason they gave when the e-mail stated that she would not be posing for photos with the fans coming to see her. Instead she was to remain on one side of the table and fans were to remain on the other. I’ll admit this was a bit disheartening. However, I was still super excited to be going, getting the book, and meeting her. The e-mail did state that there would be staff on hand to take a photo of you and her (across from one another) while she signed your book. So I knew I was going to at least get that as far as pictures went.

Due to forewarning on parking and a pre-predicted expectation of a large crowd, the two besties that I attended the book signing with, Holli and Melanie opted to arrive early together. To our surprise they let us in the door ten minutes before the e-mails said we were allowed to go in for our time slot. There was no hesitation by staff though as they scanned our tickets, handed us our books, and pointed us in the direction of the line.

The line moved pretty steadily and it was nicely set up, because they had five bookshelf units in place on the way. The first held a display of all of Candace’s previous books and a few of her movies. The second unit contained some of Candace’s favorite books. The third was a promotional poster for the signing at Baker Books tucked inside a shelf-less unit. The fourth was a display of more copies of Kind is the New Classy. The fifth unit was a display of Candace’s daughter, Natasha Bure’s, book in both hardcover and paperback.

As we made it past the book cases we slowly made our way around a corner and soon were in sight of Candace Cameron Bure. Seeing her in person even at a distance made my nerves rise. I know she’s human like I am, but she just happens to be a human that I have admired for a really long time. I swear as the line moved there was a brief moment when Candace looked down and we locked eyes. She smiled sweetly before the next person approached her. It was as the next person had approached my friends and I got all sorts of excited with one another, because despite what the e-mail stated, people were indeed posing for photos with her! We were actually going to get a picture with Candace, not across from her. When it came to be our turns, we were asked if we were a group or solo. We opted to be solo, so we could each have that moment with her.

I swear on the inside I was a flailing fangirl in the moment I took the steps up to her and said hello to her. I somehow managed to keep most of my composure, though I fully admitted to her with a laugh that I was actually nervous and that I loved her. HA! Candace was so nice. Like I can’t even express how nice, sweet, kind, down to earth, and humble she seemed. It was such a joy to talk to her for even a brief moment as she signed my copy of her book. Then we posed for the above picture and I genuinely thanked her for being such a positive Christian example. It was an absolute joy to get that opportunity to meet her.

Although in all actuality the whole thing for my friends and I went pretty quickly, I am absolutely thrilled that I not only got to meet Candace, but I got to share this experience with two pieces of my heart. That definitely made the whole thing all the more exciting to me.

XOXO, Jane

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