BYOG by KM Unboxing!

Kristen Martin is an international Amazon Best-Selling Indie Author. Her latest and fifth published book, Be Your Own #Goals, just came out on May 01st. This is Martin’s first personal development book. I’m pleased to share that I am among several others who reserved a signed copy from the author herself prior to the release date. Why? I’ve been watching, reading, and listening to her work for a while now. I could probably make a huge post in the many ways this woman has inspired and motivated me as a writer. Plus, I enjoy her writing style as I’m currently reading the final book of her Alpha Drive Trilogy. However, I did just receive my signed copy of BYOG in the mail today and am eager to share what I received along with it.

Just a quick disclaimer here before we continue. Some of the photos I’m sharing here have been edited, mainly in part due to protecting my personal privacy. Like my home address and real name. I did though really want to share the full experience of what I received from Kristen Martin with my order of a signed copy.

Firstly, can we comment on how cute the pink bubble wrap envelope is? Maybe it’s the girly side of me, but I love how she chose to package this.

Plus, she included a super cute ‘thank you’ heart sticker on the back!

The first item I pulled out of the package was a Kristen Martin Books ink pen. I’ve already tested it and it actually writes pretty nicely.

The next thing I pulled out was the book wrapped in a lovely white tissue paper, along with the a note from Kristen in an envelope on top. The envelope does have my name handwritten on it along with a cute little heart drawn right after.

Of course I opened up the envelope before continuing. The handwritten note is lovely. It is personally addressed to me, but quite frankly I don’t care if she wrote the same message to every single person. The fact that she took the time to write a note by hand for the hundreds (at least) of people who reserved their signed copies is insanely sweet of her to do!

Now onto unwrapping the book! I love how there is another ‘thank you’ heart sticker!

Ah! Here’s the book in its beautiful glory. I believe she said she designed the cover for this one herself. Proud of her for that! Designing a cover is not easy work. Plus I love the quality of the soft matte like finish on the book. Nice touch!

Tucked neatly on the inside cover of the book were a few swag items! There was a cute little sticker with the book’s title.

Next there was a lovely bookmark.

Then there was a lovely promotional postcard.

Finally here is the personalized autograph she wrote out to me on the title page inside the book. Again, just like with the handwritten note, I don’t care if she wrote the same thing to everyone.

Overall I’m really quite impressed by the packaging. I’m not quite sure what I actually expected outside of an autographed copy of the book. I really feel like Kristen went above and beyond to make this special for her readers. I feel like a lot of care and thought was put into what was included and how it was packaged.

If you are interested in checking out this book, you can buy a copy on Amazon, or get a signed copy through her official website!

Now I get to begin reading this long awaited title. Of course there will be a review to follow!

XOXO, Jane

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