Kind is the New Classy

I will be the first to admit that despite being a Christian, I typically don’t get into (outside of scripture) books in the genre. In my limited peeks into Christian literature I’ve found myself always less than enthused. I feel like I’m always rolling my eyes about something in the book. For fictional reads it could be predictable plot points, or it just too easily attains that “come to Jesus” moment. With the non-fictional reads I’ve found some pretty overzealous writers trying too hard (in my opinion) to make their points. I’ve even found some just a little too on the ‘preachy-pants’ vibe for me. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I read Kind is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure and didn’t stumble over any of the things I detest in Christian lit.

Let me really start off this review by stating that though I personally really enjoyed this book, it’s definitely geared toward the female Christian population. However, don’t worry guys you can get plenty out of this book as well. Just ignore the parts where she says things like “sister” and think of it as her saying “brother”. A few minor word changes and you’ve got a book geared towards anyone who reads it! Now please let me further state that even if you are not a Christian – don’t fret. I really do believe you could get plenty out of this book as well. Just skim over the scriptures she laces throughout the book and moments where the author professes her love for the Lord.

We really do live in a society where we are naturally pessimistic, judgmental, and let’s face it most people seem to get offended over the smallest things. Kindness takes work. Bure even states this in her introduction. As she comments on how she hopes the book will inspire more gracefulness in our lives, she says, “…it’s gonna take some effort. Kindness doesn’t come easy, because it goes against the grain of our me-first mentality.”

All throughout the book, Candace gives us insight with her own personal experiences. She doesn’t even only focus on times when she’s kept it cool, classy, and kind. She admits to her own imperfections as a human and times that she was less than kind towards the people around her. However, within her own true nature she sought out redemption. For example, Candace shares how her best friend threw her a birthday party. Candace herself was visibly upset all night because the venue wouldn’t allow dancing to take place. Something the Fuller House actress loves to do. She was admittedly in a snit all night making things a bit miserable for herself and her friend, but when she woke up the next day she felt terrible. She prayed and she knew she had to call immediately with a genuine apology. I’ll let you read the book to get the full story and discover the turn out.

For me personally as I read this book, I truly felt inspired. Not just from a Christian standpoint either, but as someone who already strives to spread kindness around me. It’s not always easy for me, I admit, but it’s something I feel is important. As mentioned, our world is so negative around us. It’s so easy to feed into that negativity. This book for me was a wakeup call in certain matters and areas of my life that I now realize I can definitely work harder to improve so I can not only be kinder to myself, but in turn kinder to those around me. I also feel like I’ve just been given reminders and tools to help me handle in moments where I feel overwhelmed, insulted, or whatever negativity that comes my way with more grace.

I know not everyone who reads this book will love it, but I did. I see value in the message of kindness that Candace shares with us here. I see the invaluable information of life lessons in how we can be kinder. How we handle uncomfortable situations with gracefulness. How we can set the example for those around us and begin a ripple effect in society built around kindness.

– Jane Ridgewood

If you are interested in checking this book out for yourself, you can purchase a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and most major retailers.
*** Take note that as of the time of this review being posted, Barnes & Noble’s website is offering signed copies of the book!

3 thoughts on “Kind is the New Classy

  1. Good review 😁

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    You’ll find lots of verses of the bible and the Quran speaking about it, going hand in hand with what scientists discovered. 😉

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