Be Your Own #Goals

One of the fun things about personal development books is that they simply aren’t for everyone. No one single book in this genre has the answers for every single person. If such a book existed, then we wouldn’t need so many of them out there. We would all just lean on that one book to inspire and guide us in some sort of Stepford Wives-esque path. Instead we all have a beautiful unique path to take in life. Kristen Martin touches on this in Chapter 11 of her latest release, Be Your Own #Goals, reminding us that, “Our experiences are unique to each and every one of us.” So keep in mind while you might read a book and find it to be utterly crap, someone else might read that same personal development book and find it to be simply amazing.

When it comes to Be Your Own #Goals, I’m definitely on the latter of those two options. From the moment I cracked this book open, I felt like I was pulled into an honest upfront conversation with a good friend. Perhaps it’s for that reason that I felt like I couldn’t put this book down and found myself having read it from cover to cover in four days’ time. I even set the author’s book Restitution (the final book in her Alpha Drive trilogy) temporarily aside, so I could simply devour this one!

Something that quickly grabbed my attention throughout this book is that I found true admiration towards the author with how open she is with her readers. From a cancer scare that pushed her drive in following her passions forward, to embarrassing lies she told as a child, to even the truth behind heartache of love lost. Kristen takes her readers on not only the personal developmental ride, but of an emotional journey she had to overcome in her own path. This book is kind of like two in one, but with the best of balance.

It feels to me that Martin not only successfully shares just enough of her personal experiences on her journey, but also joyfully gives the much needed encouraging lesson for the reader in following their own unique path. Part of that encouragement includes action steps. Kristen provides these at the end of each chapter to go along with its lesson. This is a helpful tool to get the reader motivated and help them reset their mind frame to a more positive action forward one. Albeit having read the book so quickly, I haven’t done all of her action steps yet. However, I am definitely, immediately, going back through to conquer each one that I didn’t do. For the ones that I did do, I already feel such a strong effect in a positive way on my mental attitude towards pursuing my passions.

If I were to ever get the opportunity to meet Kristen Martin, I would simply want to say “thank you” to her. Well in all actuality I’d probably say more than that, but I would definitely make sure I thanked her for releasing this book. The inspiration, motivation, and surprising rebirth of drive in pursuing my passions that this book has given me already are simply invaluable. I’m already finding myself more conscious of making positive steps forward in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire!

– Jane Ridgewood




If you are interested in checking out this book for yourself, you can purchase copies online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also purchase signed copies of this book, as well as Kristen’s other books through her official website at

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