Plot Twist!

April was a crazy month for me as a writer. I had signed up to do Camp NaNoWriMo with a low goal of adding 20,000 words to my book already in progress. Initially, I was attempting to go at my book with the “simple” idea of adding a new character, and a few changes along the way. So it was a combination of editing and writing. So April arrived and my fingers seemed to halt a lot in the process of trying to do these “simple” additions. It didn’t help that I started the month off sick and had some other things come up in the personal life. Then around the middle of April I had the epiphany while organizing my project binders that I think I just need to hit the refresh button and take the time to write a new outline for the novel. That helped a lot, but I still found struggle in what I was writing. It was as if things weren’t really coming together as I had imagined.

During that time I had fallen heavily behind in my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, but managed in the last two days of the challenge to write like 15,000 words to make my win. It was like this urgent determination took over and I just wrote like a mad woman. Unfortunately, in that mad rush writing I did the thing I swore I wouldn’t do. I rushed. I didn’t take my time like I had intended at the beginning of the month, instead I bum-rushed myself in order to reach a goal that I had set out to accomplish. Not only that, but I so intensely wrote over those two days that I burned my energy out. The inspiration, motivation, and determination were all there in spirit. However the physical energy to carry out those things had fled for what felt like several days.

On the upswing of that though, during those several days the book never left my mind. I thought about where I left off and I thought about how I could improve the storylines. I toyed with ideas and wrote a few notes for plot points down. Then, I had this amazing moment with one of the muses in the book. It was like I could suddenly visualize a particular important character in the story. Though this character wasn’t the main character, they’d been with me since the very beginning notions for this book that I started having a few years ago. I was quick to realize something about them and it made my writer’s heart beat with glee …and perhaps a wicked laugh. This is a horror novel after all.

I took it to heart, that special realization for that particular character. I happily began to write again knowing this amazing plot twist that would occur… but as I wrote, another one hit me. It was a beautiful moment where I just wanted to shout from the roof tops with glee, “PLOT TWIST!” – But one, I’m kind of afraid of heights and two, I just really wanted to write my story out now that I had my new found clarities. Thus I am writing these days. I am happily working hard steadily on creating the best version of this story that I can. I feel so on track right now with this story. I am so excited about where this is all going and how the storylines are unfolding. I’m having fun diving into this horrific world that surrounds my muses for the “Untitled Horror Project”.

So speaking of being untitled, another revelation that came to me recently was the title of the book. Trust me, I went through several since I began working on this project last year. It really wasn’t until these past few plot twisty ideas that hit me hard that I was like “OMG – the title is….” – and then you know I filled in my own blank there. I’m not really sure when I’m going to publicly release the title quite yet. But I made a temp mock cover for my binder on the project, because I am super inspired by it. I am so happy with this title and glad I didn’t settle for any of the many I seriously considered before this one. It’s so simplistic, yet so extremely fitting for this story.

On a final note here, realistically all struggles behind the scenes may have put me behind a little. I have a specific time frame that I am aiming for with publication. I think I can still make it, but I’m probably going to be on the latter of the time frame verses the beginning. I’m also looking into ways to save up some money to hire a professional editor. They are costly, but I feel the importance of having one. So finding a way to raise the funds to get one is definitely on my to-do list these days. I am looking into a few ideas already, which will come to light soon enough.

That’s it for now! Maybe in my next novel update I’ll reveal the title of the book, if not sooner out of my own excitement getting the best of me. Ha!

XOXO, Jane

6 thoughts on “Plot Twist!

    1. Exactly! It’s why I hadn’t intended on rushing during that, but the determination of reaching the goal got to me. Because of that, I found myself taking out quite a bit that I wrote in that rush of words for this story.

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