Where’s Vini’s Story?

For those who have been around me on social media since late 2016, as well as throughout most of 2017, you may recall hearing about Vini’s Story. It was a contemporary fiction novel that I chose to write out for the first time I participated in NaNoWriMo during November of 2016. It was actually between writing out Vini’s Story or the Untitled Horror Project I am publishing later this year. What made me choose Vini’s Story was that it all came into a last minute decision to participate and I still had a ton of research to do for the horror novel. So contemporary fiction is where I landed and I began writing on November 1st.

Now here’s the part where I confess something. I made it no secret that Vini’s Story was based on a role playing character I used to have. What I didn’t really share, was that I was on the outs of RP and was debating going back in reviving my character. When I first signed up I never had the intention of writing and sharing to a massive crowd the work I was going to put forth. My intention was to write a silly fictional autobiography for my character and keep it only in the light of the RP world as something this “faux celeb” muse released. What inspired me to do such a massive project for a RP thing? It was from reading an actual celeb’s autobiography that was clearly not written or edited well (despite the author’s claim to be really good in writing).

After reading that book, I thought to myself how Vini wouldn’t necessarily be a good writer. She was a musician and wrote music well, but as far as books would go it wouldn’t be her forte. So I had the intention to write a semi-bad fictional autobiography that would be posted on my character’s revived journal. It would just be some kind of “tell all” book of her life from her perspective.

When November was approaching I had publicly announced my project to keep myself accountable. I told friends, family, and my social media followers. Outside of being a silly RP thing I was initially intending to do, there was a part of me that really wanted to show myself that I could finish a draft. I could write a book. Writing has been my passion since childhood; however I never had the real confidence to pursue it like I do now. Most my life I let my self-doubt get in the way. So I thought if I could write some silly little RP project out in 30 days, then maybe I could really do the actual book writing thing.

Something clicked in me though very quickly after I started writing. I realized that I didn’t really want to stick around in RP. As much as I enjoyed it, I really wanted to step out of that bubble and start chasing my dreams for real. I wanted to make Vini’s Story something I could share to the public. Thus it quickly transitioned from an RP thing, to a free eBook I would release upon completion. It would be something to give a taste of my novel writing style to potential readers of future published works.

I was beyond thrilled when I finished in less than the 30 days of November. I had completed the draft, but I had also shown myself that I could really write a book. It also was quite freeing to take the NaNoWriMo approach and just WRITE. I didn’t allow myself to edit a line a million times over into “perfection”. I simply wrote and got the first draft down. I got the bones of my story in place.

During the following months I worked on making edits and trying to re-write some things. I posted updates along the way here and there, nothing massive. Just enough to what I had hoped would let people know I was actually still working on it. Then Camp NaNoWriMo of July 2017 rolled around and I signed up. I had come to the conclusion I just needed to re-write the whole thing and make a second draft that way. So I did. Again, I finished in less than the 30 days of the month. I was quite pleased with myself. I was quite pumped. At that time I had also been working hard on trying to get my new website up and going.

I had hoped to release Vini’s Story around the time I would open the site, but neither happened quite as fast as I had hoped. It was also as we were approaching “Preptober” time for NaNoWriMo 2017 when I knew I’d begin work on my Untitled Horror Project that a release wasn’t near happening for Vini’s Story. It wasn’t that I lost my interest or passion to write it out. It was just that so much had changed from one draft to another. Plus along the way I got worried, because she was based off a role play character that interacted with other people’s characters. I wanted to write her story, but I didn’t want to infringe on something another writer created during Vini’s role playing existence.

So as I began serious work on the Untitled Horror Project, I stopped talking about Vini’s Story all together publicly. I knew I still wanted to write her, but with the ongoing developments that took place in her story I wanted to make sure I did it right. I allowed myself during NaNoWriMo 2017 to step away from Vini’s Story temporarily. Get lost in another project. A project I knew and had the concept for since at least 2015. A project I knew I would be publishing.

When the time came and I re-approached Vini’s Story on the backburner I set her on, I had so many epiphanies on how to handle this project. It was amazing. I now know for sure where I am taking it and how I can re-structure and change so much of her history that it will not infringe on another’s creation. That’s important to me with this one. I want this to be an authentic piece. While some minor things I had created myself may reflect a bit of the main character’s previous existence, it will be a whole new original story.

While I am steadily and mainly focused on the Untitled Horror Project, I am announcing now that come July 2018 (next month) for Camp NaNoWriMo, I will be working on a brand new outline for Vini’s Story. I am unsure what my word count goal will be just yet. Honestly, it will probably be extremely low. It all depends really on where I am at with the Untitled Horror Project since that truly is my main focus since that is the one I intend to publish first.

So if you remember hearing of Vini’s Story before, just know it’s still in the works. I even still intend to release it for free online. At this point it will be through WattPad and I even already designed a cover for the story upon that release. I will share that at a later date though.

XOXO, Jane

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