My Thrill Club – June 2018

Changes have taken effect again it seems with My Thrill Club. If you don’t know what this company is, let me break it down real quick. It’s a book subscription box that comes monthly – now for the cost of $21.99 a month, but you get two hardcover books from the genre of your choice (horror, mystery, or thriller). They were giving a free code within the boxes on the info sheet for an eBook through Book Shouts. However, according the monthly newsletter that just started this month – the eBook codes will now be given through the monthly newsletter. So it seems everyone (no matter your genre) will get the same code. That’s my understanding anyways. This month, they gifted us with two eBooks in the newsletter. So without further ado here goes the unboxing!

My horror loving heart of course always keeps that genre. Last I knew you could select an option that would switch up the genres randomly, so you don’t always get the same one necessarily. I’m not really sure if that’s still an option. At any rate, let’s get on with the unboxing!

First thing I see of course is the info card that tells me what books I received, as well as gave me a code on the back for the eBook. The code didn’t work, and only a day or two later did they release their first newsletter with the announcement that the code would be given through there from now on. Instead of the eBook code, they said they’d be giving a blurb of the person who packaged your box. I’m really looking forward to this actually.

Next comes that beautiful anticipating moment right before reveal. That moment where you can kind of see the title of the books beneath the tissue paper, but you still find excitement rising as your hands move to reveal your books.

Then you get your two beautiful hardcover books! This month I received two anthologies. In the Shadow of Frankenstein: Tales of the Modern Prometheus (Amazon listing) and In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe: Classic Tales of Horror, 1816-1914 (Amazon listing).

Instead of posting images of the eBooks, I’m just going to give the links to their Amazon listings. You can presently purchase both of the eBooks they gave in the June newsletter for free off Amazon Kindle. This month we got Specimen 313 by Jeff Strand (Amazon listing) and Once Gone by Blake Pierce (Amazon listing).

Honestly my only negative comment on this subscription service thus far has been the fluctuating price tag. It seems I’m lucky to keep the cost that I initially signed up with last August, but in my visits to their website I’ve noticed the monthly costs for new subscribers has changed a few times over the past couple months. While the costs of the hardcovers without the service always more than makes it worth it, it is still just kind of bothersome to me they’ve fluctuated as much as they have. Hopefully the price they have now is set for good (unless they opt to go lower).

Want to try this box yourself? Check out for more information.

XOXO, Jane

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