Twisted Fate

Allow me to preface this review with the fact I don’t normally read anything in the Romance genre. Honestly, it’s nothing personal it’s just not my usual flavor of reading material. Apparently though when you add a dash of Urban Fantasy in a New Adult setting to the mix, I get all sorts of intrigued and can’t help myself from trying it out. Canadian Indie Author Jessie Elliott caught my attention with the plot of her debut novel Twisted Fate.

Aurora Marshall, the main protagonist of Elliott’s debut, had her life all figured out. She was a focused college student in her final year of business. It was the night she was talked into attending a party that everything would change. Aurora would be kidnapped by the Fae and find herself diving into a world she never knew existed. Tristan Westbrook is the leader of the Dark Fae, the one that was responsible for the kidnapping. He’s also the one who gets the most sassy banter sessions with the leading lady. I admit I personally found their connection to be a bit on the predictable side. However, I never stopped enjoying reading their scenes together. I actually found them to be adorable.

I must admit Elliott’s writing surprised me. I found myself fully emerged each time I sat down to read more of the story, getting lost in all the action that takes place for Aurora as she was sucked into this life that involved Fae. The way Jessi delivers the experiences of Aurora Marshall are both captivating and intriguing. Despite that there were moments where I could successfully predict what happened, I enjoyed it. The delivery of the predictions played out well in my opinion. Besides I have to admit there were a couple times when the plot twisted in a way I wasn’t expecting.

Now I will say the only real downside to this book for me was the “cancer” sub-plot slipped in. I can handle some predictable plot points, but this is just typically a subject I avoid like crazy in my fiction as I’ve seen too much of it in real life. However, I must give the author credit for executing this storyline well. Due to her delivery I found I was able to read through that portion and not run from this book heading for the shelves.

Here’s what I think perhaps surprises me most. Since Jessi Elliott did not oversaturate in the romance department and was able to embrace so much of a well plotted story I not only find that I want to own a physical copy of this book, but I want one that’s been signed by the author herself. Plus I want to get and read the sequel to this book when it comes out. The cliffhanger at the end of Twisted Fate definitely has me quite intrigued and quite simply, I got to know what happens next in the life of Aurora Marshall.

– Jane Ridgewood

If you are interested in checking out this book for yourself, you can purchase copies online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also purchase signed copies of this book through Jessi Elliott’s official website at

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