TV for the Allegedly Dying

This post almost received the title “TV for the Overdramatic Drama Queens That Don’t Handle Being Sick Well”, but clearly that’s just way too long. The premise of this challenge is to embrace those moments when we feel ill. I’m talking too ill to even read a book, when all we do is lay around watching television. This challenge was initially created by Ray of RayNotBradbury, who challenged someone else, who challenged Bitchin’ In The Kitchen, who challenged me with this.

Ray’s challenge is to pick three television shows you watch with the ideas of them by mood, energy, and just being watchable while feverish. There are three select categories to consider when you are picking out your shows.

• When you’re too sick to hold a book (or tablet).
• When you’re still sick, but starting to feel better.
• When you’re finally on that beautiful road to recovery.

The Rules
• No more than 3 TV shows.
• Mention the stars you like in each show.
• Add some pictures if you like.
• Humor is welcomed.
• Nominate some people, as many as you like.
• Ping back to Ray’s post, so she can see this challenge spread.

Now personally I’m not as huge into television as I used to be. I do however have my “go to” shows for when I am under the weather and can’t focus on reading or writing.

Show #01 – When you’re too sick to hold a book (or tablet).
Daria! I thankfully own the entire series on DVD (including the two movies). I love Daria just as much now as I did when I was younger and she was on air. When I am so ill that I feel like a lump in a sick sad world, this is my go to show for sure. I just curl up in my bed and start the series from the beginning.

As far as favorite characters go, Daria herself is definitely part of my hybrid spirit animal. I also really love Jane and her wit! I really enjoyed Quinn though too, I feel like she had more depth than she led on. Something we only really got to see more of towards the end of the series.

Show #02 – When you’re still sick, but starting to feel better.
I Love Lucy! This is my all-time favorite show. I could watch the entire series over and over again without getting sick of it. Besides it’s said that laughter is the best medicine, so I for sure like to have a good one when I am starting to feel more coherent with the world once again.

Lucy herself is my favorite, because… how could she not be? As far as a second favorite, or another that would tie in place of first I’m going with the whole main cast. All four characters just bring something special and extremely humorous to the show. I love the chemistry they have on character. It breaks my heart to know behind the scenes may not have been as cozy, but on screen these four were a dream in my eyes.

Show #03 – When you’re finally on that beautiful road to recovery.
American Horror Story! I love this series and when I am finally feeling all better it’s one I can fully emerge myself into. I’ve seen all of the seasons thus far and I love how they all seem to intertwine. The reason I picked this one for recovery time is also because it’s definitely a show you want to pay attention to. While I firmly believe you could watch a single season (since each one is a different story) on its own, there are so many little things throughout that require a little bit more brain power.

Now as far as a favorite goes, I just can’t pick. I don’t care if that breaks a rule, but I can’t. The plethora of characters and the talented actors who portray them are outstanding in my opinion. I could only pick favorite seasons when it comes to this one.

Okay, before I get into my nominees I have to admit there were several shows that I considered putting on an honorable mentions post. Then I thought I was fine with just listing the ones I did. My list could eventually change up a bit (minus Lucy, she’ll always be on there), but for a while now these have been some good go to shows for me in times where I am quite feverish.

I Nominate…
Novus Lectio
The Writer’s Playground
Revolutionary Musings

…and whoever else would like to do this challenge! If you do it, feel free to drop the link to your post in the comments below. I’d love to see which shows you picked out.

XOXO, Jane

*All gifs featured found randomly via Tumblr.

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