July Writing Plans

Sometimes we have to crack the whip on ourselves while in pursuit of our dream careers. We have to buckle down and get it done. These are points I have recently made to myself as I have sat down to look over the upcoming month. I have a draft of a horror novel that I really need to get ready to go to a professional editor (more on that in a moment), and because I am crazy I have taken on the project of writing a brand new outline for Vini’s Story as my Camp NaNoWriMo project next month. So I literally broke out a calendar and a calculator to map out what I need to accomplish by the end of each week. As I have figured this would be a more attainable goal system for myself.

Presently there’s going to be around 28 chapters in the Untitled Horror Project. This number could fluctuate by the time I am finished with this draft. However, this draft that I am presently working on is a write and edit as I go. There is much being changed from the original drafts, but also trying to do my best to polish it up so when completed I can hand it over to a professional editor before taking the next steps in self-publishing my novel. Now I don’t have an actual deadline with an editor at this time, as I am still working on getting the funds together. I actually have a couple of projects that will hopefully help with that coming up. (Those announcements will be soon!)

Breaking this down for the Untitled Horror Project, I will need to complete 7 chapters a week. This can be done in a four week span (28 days) and I do have a few extra days to use as a cushion in the month, but literally just a few extra days. This will keep me on target for my personal deadlines set for when I have in mind to publish.

Now as far as Vini’s Story is concerned fortunately I have set a low goal of 2,000 words for myself. Yes, only 2,000 words to write in an entire 31 days towards this new outline. That breaks down to only needing to write 64-65 words a day, which means I need to write 448-455 words by the end of each week. I’d like to believe that I will likely do more than that, but just in case it’s nice to know that if I fall behind it really won’t be much of an issue for me.

Going forward in July I will be sure to share weekly progress notes. For Vini’s Story there will be the standard ‘Word Count Wednesday’ posts that I do in times of NaNoWriMo events. I’ll do a different weekly post for the Untitled Horror Project in an effort to keep my updates organized and clear.

I am also still debating when to reveal the actual title of the Untitled Horror Project. I’m not making promises, but maybe once this draft is complete I will feel more ready to share it. In the meantime, lots of writing (and editing) is on my agenda. I am presently feeling confident that I can really do this and meet my deadlines for both projects.

XOXO, Jane

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