Word Count Wednesday #01

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA!!! While I celebrate my beautiful country, I also need to take a moment to acknowledge it’s already time for the first word count check-in post for Camp NaNoWriMo’s July session. I have set a very low goal for myself as I approach writing a brand new outline for Vini’s Story. However, it’s all for the good cause of balancing my time properly throughout the month so I can finish getting the Untitled Horror Project ready to go to an editor. Anyways, how am I doing on Vini’s Story so far?

At this present moment I have 2,450 words out of my 2,000 word count goal!

I actually “won” on day one of Camp, which actually surprised me. I’m working on an outline not a first draft. I thought it would take me at least a little longer to make it to my word count goal on this outline. However the words just kept flowing and I rolled with it. After making my win so easily I did consider increasing my goal for the month, but then I remembered my goal for my Untitled Horror Project that I really need to accomplish this month. Thus, I am keeping this “win” with Camp.

Naturally my outline for Vini’s Story isn’t complete and I will continue working on it throughout the month. I will also continue to make these ‘Word Count Wednesday’ posts with progress updates. Really I feel like hitting my word count goal has just helped ease the tension for me as a writer this month. I kind of stepped into the month questioning my sanity with my desire to participate in Camp with this project, and work heavily on my Untitled Horror Project as I am. Now I feel like I can write the outline with more ease as I’ve already made the goal, which frees up the mind to work more easily on my other project as well.

On the topic of Vini’s Story though, I’m very seriously considering sharing the first chapter. Well it’s the latest edition I have completed pre this outline I’m writing now. I really can’t say how much will or won’t change at this point, but if you’re interested in reading it let me know in the comments below. I may have to share that sometime in the coming days.

Are you participating in Camp this month? How’s it going for you so far?

XOXO, Jane

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