Vini’s Story – Chapter 2

So after sharing Chapter One of Vini’s Story I was all prepared to share chapter two. Then I realized just a little bit ago today, that I never actually finished this chapter. Now in present time, I am working on a brand new outline for Vini’s Story anyways and I know this particular chapter is going to be changed around quite a bit. Elements from it will still exist, but it’s definitely not going to be the same going into my next draft. Please keep in mind that while I did write two complete drafts prior to the one I am sharing, this is the last of Vini’s Story that I will be sharing until I get to writing out the next draft of her after the outline is complete. Since people have been expressing their enjoyment from chapter one though (which I recommend you read first), here is chapter two – or at least what was done of it till I stopped working on it when my focus switched fully to the Untitled Horror Project. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to sharing more of her in the future when the time is right.

— — —
Vini’s Story – Chapter Two (unfinished)

We made the move when I was three. I don’t really remember much about it. I just knew our situation the way it was. The way it always seemed to be. Dad worked as a high powered lawyer in San Francisco, where he had my three older siblings with him. Technically they all came from his first marriage, but his ex-wife wasn’t anywhere near being around. I stayed in Los Angeles where mom focused her musical career from. Mom worked as a world renowned chart-topping Christian singer and songwriter. She was pretty huge. Best comparison I can offer is she was like the Beyoncé of Christian music. Mom was really good about playing the part of the good Christian in public, exercising – or well seeming to exercise strong faith in her beliefs… alongside a strong moral code of conduct. However behind the scenes things could be quite different.

In those early years of life I really didn’t have any friends until Dead Nicole became a real being to me. Outside the initial weekend trips home, I didn’t really get to see any family outside of my mom and Grams. My Grams lived fulltime in San Francisco, but very often would travel to Los Angeles to stay with me while mom worked on a new album or was going on a promotional tour. She had me signed up for things at quite a young age like dance, acting, and singing lessons. Thus keeping me busy and allowing her the excuse to why I couldn’t just go back to our other house with my father and siblings.

This arrangement lasted until I was about nine. It wasn’t too long after that fateful day that mom would start leaving me at home alone without a sitter of any sort. She also secretly pulled me out of any lessons for the time being. I remember the first time she left me at home. Mom looked at me and smiled, “Don’t go anywhere and don’t open the door for anyone. I have to go to work and I’ll be home in a little bit.” Her instructions would be told to me every day for about a two week period. And every day in that two week period she would leave around 10am and not get home until close to midnight.

Once we were on week three and this cycle seemed to be continuing I looked at Dead Nicole and said, “Let’s just get out of here.” It was about an hour after mom had left for work and I was fed up just sitting in the condo all day. Sure there were things to do, but after being cooped up for a couple weeks I needed some serious fresh air.

“Do you think that’s wise? What if she comes back?” Dead Nicole spoke to me with that gentle spirit of hers. She always did try to give mom the benefit of the doubt, while I was just prepared to start giving up on her already. I suppose I felt too much of the distance mom was putting between us since that day at the studio.

“She’ll be home late, like she always is. Come on let’s go…” I stated as I went to the coat closet to pull out my shoes. It was a beautiful summer day and I wasn’t going to waste another second of it indoors. Stepping outside of the condo with my sister I dug around the plotted plan just outside our door. Mom kept a hidden backup key there. Silly woman apparently wasn’t too worried of someone finding a way to break in.

Leading the way down the hallway to the elevator of the tall building, I pushed the button and smiled over to Dead Nicole who looked nervous. “It’s going to be fine.” I tried to reassure her as the elevator doors opened up and we stepped inside. I pushed the button for the lobby and felt a bubble of giddiness and nerves start to form in the pit of my stomach. I had never gone out without a grown up before. It was exciting and yet, I suddenly felt worried someone would manage to stop me and I would get into trouble.

Once we made it to the lobby though I had felt my braveness kick in. I glanced over to Dead Nicole who still looked unsure, but I marched forward with confidence. I was going to leave this building. I was going to get some fresh air. There was a park not too far from where we lived and damn it, I was going to enjoy that park to its fullest potential that day. At least that’s what I told myself as a briskly walked past every grown adult too consumed in their own business to notice the young girl that just went by them all and headed outside. Even the doormen at the front were busy in conversation and didn’t seem to notice as I skirted right on by them and headed down the street towards that park.

Dead Nicole was pretty silent, but I knew she was there walking beside me. I knew I wasn’t really alone in this adventure of fresh air. As I made it to the park, it seemed even larger than I remembered it from the last time I came. Maybe it was my sudden intimidation as I saw a group of teenagers over by a jungle gym hanging out. I didn’t pay too much attention to them; I just noticed not a lot of people seemed to be around. I headed straight for the swing set. I didn’t know what else to go for. Nobody was at it and I didn’t want to just stand around doing nothing. I had a pretty strict policy not to talk to Dead Nicole in public. Fortunately, we could read each other’s thoughts so I didn’t have to do it anyways.

I’m not really sure how long I was on the swing, pumping my legs away until they noticed me. I know it didn’t really feel like too long before I heard approaching voices and footsteps coming my way. “Yeah, let’s see if she’ll do it.” A boy’s voice had spoken.

“Ugh, leave her be jerk.” A girl’s voice that almost had a deep smoothness to it. My eyes were closed as I just swung, feeling the breeze I created on the beautiful sunny day.

“Hey you!” I heard the words spoken from what sounded like the same boy that spoke before. I opened my eyes and said nothing; because how could I be sure it was me they were talking to. Plus Grams always told me not to talk to strangers and though they weren’t quite adults, they were definitely older than I was.

“Yo, you got a name?” another boy in the group asked as they approached the swing set all looking at me. There were five of them all together; three boys and two girls. I stopped swinging and nodded my head.

“I think she’s retarded.” the first boy snickered to the others as he shook his head.

“You’re such an asshole.” The girl with the smooth voice spoke again. Her voice was like velvet and I turned my head to look up into her perfectly tanned face. She had long thick black hair, these full lips, and almond shaped brown eyes. She was absolutely beautiful and I was instantly enthralled by her. Even as she looked annoyed by the first boy who spoke, she was stunning.

“Vini.” I spoke suddenly as my eyes remained on her.

“Excuse me?” she responded as she looked right at me.

“I’m Vini. That’s my name.” I was nine and had no real game for myself in way of ‘being cool’ with introductions. It just sort of fumbled out of me. “Wh-What’s your name?” I asked looking still directly at her.

“I think someone has a crush.” the first boy snickered in his words once again.

The girl I was staring at though ignored him and offered me a smile. “I’m Brooke.” Glancing over to her left she pointed to the third boy in the group, “This is Chad…” then she gestured to the shorter girl, “…and this is Heather.” When she looked to her right she appeared almost instantly annoyed, “…and these two jerks are Chris and Dillion.”

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