A Few Announcements!

I feel like it’s been such a long time coming to make these announcements. I am so excited to finally be at the place where I can open up and share some things I’ve been working on behind the scenes. I won’t lie; these announcements are part of why I fell a bit behind in my writing schedule. However, with them finally coming to fruition I’ll be able to find good balance in my time once again. So what are these announcements?

Well first is #ReadWithJane, my brand new online book club! I have always wanted to start a book club, but never wanted to do it in the standard format. Not that there is anything wrong with focusing on one book per month and discussing it as a group. I just wanted to find a way where we can celebrate more than one book a month, and discuss multiple titles while celebrating the authors who gifted them to us. You can find more information on this club on the new page/section of the site.


Secondly, part of the #ReadWithJane club is the upcoming Etsy shop that will feature official bookmarks designed by me. I will be running the shop with the help of my mom, who I swear is an Etsy pro. The shop will feature the bookmarks in both physical and digital formats available for purchase. The Etsy shop may also include other bookish related items. More on that when the announcement can finally come of the opening.

Now thirdly, I have a CafePress shop! You can purchase #ReadWithJane logo merchandise on there, but you can also get items from other designs I created. At this present time there are only a few up, but more designs are in the works. Check out the shop at the link below!


Both of my online shops are made with the hope and intention of helping me earn some extra money to help cover self-publishing costs. It is definitely not a cheap adventure, but one I am happily on. All purchases made from either shop will be deeply appreciated!

Okay… I know this post is called “A Few Announcements”, but here is a bonus one…

I am going to be doing my first giveaway! Not only that, but it’s coming at you later today! Be sure to stay tuned to the blog today so you don’t miss out.

XOXO, Jane

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