Winners Revealed!

That’s it folks! My very first giveaway is over. I thank those of you who participated greatly, and though I end this with only three qualifying winners I do consider this giveaway a success. So thank you again to those of you who signed up! Now onto the winners!!

Congratulations To –
• Gabrielle H.
• The Britchy One
• Lana C.

The winners are receiving the first four bookmarks designed by me that will go on sale in the upcoming #ReadWithJane Etsy shop soon! The winners are also receiving a limited edition item that will not be on sale, a sticker of the original #ReadWithJane logo. It’s very similar to the current, but there is a slight difference and only 50 of these stickers were ever made.

If you did not win, or didn’t get a chance to enter don’t despair. There will be more giveaways in the future!

XOXO, Jane

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