My Thrill Club – September 2018

Going forward with these unboxing posts, I first feel I must ask – do you want me to include the eBook(s) given out in the member newsletter, or just stick with what physically comes in the box each month? I ask this, because last month part of my flaking out on doing an unboxing post for My Thrill Club was in part that we never received our newsletter. Well it turns out a new deal had to be made with Book Shout and as of the 4th of this month we got an e-mail with codes for each category (horror, thriller, mystery). I’m not really sure if those were for last month or this current, but either way it has me wondering if I should even focus on the eBook sharing on here at all. The boxes themselves usually come very early in the month, but the newsletters have come much later. What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below! For this post, I shall include what was in that e-mail on the 4th for horror. So let’s get on with this month’s unboxing!

First things first, we celebrate that book mail has arrived! At least, I always celebrate. It’s like Christmas, but better when books come in the mail.

Upon opening the box this time around though, I have to admit I was surprised to see there was no indicator of who packaged up my box. This is the first time in a long time that I received no insert of any kind. Still the red tissue paper is lovely and thanks to whoever did put it together for me.

My favorite part of any unboxing is of course revealing the books. I have to admit I gazed in awe for a tiny little moment as I just find both covers to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Plus the titles had me intrigued.

As you can see in the photo above I received, ‘The Family Plot’ by Cherie Priest and ‘Where’ by Kit Reed. From the sounds of the books (click titles to check them out) they sound promising to be good reads and I am happy to add them to my ever-growing TBR pile.

The eBook for Horror that came in the e-mail mentioned above was ‘The Lamplighter’ by Anthony O’Neill. Which I have to say, they apparently made a good deal since this is the first time an eBook I got for ‘free’ with them wasn’t one I could already buy for free via Amazon Kindle.

Overall I have to say I’m super happy with what I received and I definitely look forward to cracking into each of the books! I am NOT sponsored by or affiliated with My Thrill Club. I just really do adore this subscription service. I would definitely recommend checking them out at if you’re into reading horror, mystery, and/or thriller!

XOXO, Jane

4 thoughts on “My Thrill Club – September 2018

    1. I find it fun! 🙂 I definitely suggest trying this one out if you like the mentioned genres. You’ll get two hardcovers and when they send out their monthly e-mail, they include the codes to get all three of the eBooks (one per genre).


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