Title Reveal!

As things continue to shape up behind the scenes with my debut novel, I am so happy to come to this point where I feel it’s definitely appropriate to share the actual title of it. From this point on I won’t have to refer to this novel as the Untitled Horror Project. I’ll be able to use its proper name. Since the moment that I finally came up with my title, I’ve seriously wanted to just shout it from the roof tops. There was this strange desire to rush around and tell everyone I ran into. However, my gut told me the timing wasn’t quite right. So outside of very few people in my life, I held it in and continued to refer to this book as the Untitled Horror Project. Now here I am finally ready for the reveal!

Before we get to the title though, let’s revisit what the story is about. I feel like it’s been awhile since I actually mentioned that. Please bear with me here though as I am definitely working on a better written synopsis.

Rian Endsly is spending her thirtieth birthday alone and heartbroken in a new town. With nowhere else to go she finds herself at the local mall sulking around. That is until she hears the lulling waltz music coming from the carousel that seems so out of place to her. She follows it, unable to ignore it. It calls to her in a way that plays with her memories of a happy childhood with no worries or cares in the world. The excitement of riding the carousel as a young girl brings her to getting on this carousel as an adult. That’s when things start to take a weird turn for Rian.

The moment she steps upon that platform she feels something different inside herself as she finds a horse that looks exactly like one she loved riding as a child. In an effort to submerge fully into memories of happier times she closes her eyes for just a brief moment. It’s as she opens them that she finds herself in the twisted world of the Operator, where she quickly realizes her very soul is in serious danger.

So now that we have the reminder of what this story is about out there, I’d also like to now announce that in the very near future I will be sharing the first four chapters (pre-editor). More information coming soon on all that though!

Alright, here it is…

The actual title of the Untitled Horror Project

Let’s insert the drum roll…

…and now for a deep breath…

…and out it goes as I do this…

The title of my debut horror novel is…


I am so excited to be at a point where I am able to share more with my writing. As mentioned in a previous post I am definitely working on some more writing related posts to share, including now actual updates on Collected. As well as some in depth information on my self-publishing journey thus far. I am also mapping out my new blogging schedule with a game plan of what to post on which days.

With that all being said, I am just so excited that I have officially released the title of my debut novel! I am definitely looking forward to sharing those first four chapters with you all in the very near future! Thank you for being on this journey with me. ❤

XOXO, Jane

4 thoughts on “Title Reveal!

  1. This is a great journey, I am curious how the title will have an impact on the story line, the synopsis is very descriptive and transforms the reader. Eager to read more. All the best and keep it up. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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