Twisted Gift

Welcome to part one (of two) with my involvement in author Jessi Elliott’s blog tour! Today I bring forth a review of Elliott’s latest release, Twisted Gift. This is the sequel to her debut novel Twisted Fate. For the purpose of full disclosure I did receive a free e-ARC (advance readers copy in eBook form) in early August. This was part sealing my fate with being a part of this tour, as well as in exchange for my honest opinion. In no way shape of form does the fact that I’m involved with this tour or received the e-ARC alter my own thoughts in response to the novel I read. The review is 100% my own opinion, just as all my reviews are. With that, I do forewarn that if you haven’t read Twisted Fate yet – you may bump into a spoiler or two.

Now let’s get into the actual review!

Just as I did for the Twisted Fate review, I’m going to preface this with the fact I’m not normally a romance genre reader. Like at all. It’s just not my usual flavor of reading material. However I did quite enjoy book one of this series, so when the opportunity came to read book two – I could not resist jumping at the chance. I finished reading the first book feeling the need to know what would happen next. I was left with questions. What was to become of the relationship between Aurora Marshall and Tristan Westbrook? How was Aurora going to handle life now that she was no longer human? Would the Dark and Light Fae ever learn to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” together?

Okay, maybe that last question is a stretch – but I was pleased as a reader diving into Twisted Gift to see the journey continue where it basically left off. Aurora Marshall is now not only a member of the Fae race, but she accidentally made herself the leader of the Light Fae. There is a natural adjustment period which I feel the author handled beautifully. It’s not all sunshine and roses; there is some serious tension with the Light Fae and their new leader. I also loved what felt like truly natural reactions of Aurora responding to sudden Fae life. We get to journey with the leading lady as she adjusts to things like having to feed, differently. We also get to watch her make new friends, enemies, and how various Fae respond so realistically differently to her

Storyline for the most part I feel did stayed pretty steady. The flow for most of it felt natural, even those more ‘romance friendly’ type scenes that I personally don’t particularly necessarily care for. It made sense with the story and the genre, so it had to be there – and I give props to Elliott who can write a decent love scene. Sadly though, I do have to admit there was one major plot aspect that ended too soon for me. I’d rather not give it away as I don’t want to spoil it for future readers, but I will say a certain twist towards the end of this made it mostly forgivable as a reader.

Now to give this a proper fully honest review, I do have to admit there were two grievances for me on this book. One (and so sorry about the spoiler here), is that Aurora gets kidnapped again. Granted, it’s an interesting line as it’s with a different group of people and for a different purpose. The actions that take place kept my attention really well – it’s literally just the idea that she got kidnapped again that bugged me. My other real disappointment is the slightly rushed ending. I am definitely happy with how things turned out for Aurora Marshall, I am. I just wish some added details were there to expand a little more depth onto certain things.

Overall I personally actually really liked this book. Kudos to Jessi Elliott for writing any form of romance that kept my attention. Not once, but twice! I would definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy New Adult Romance, with a mix of fantasy. I also suggest giving it a try if you’re into none of those things and feel like trying something out of the ordinary from your regular reading.

– Jane Ridgewood

You can purchase signed copies of both books from the Twisted series, at the author’s official website,!

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