Debut Novel Update

As I prepare to release the first four chapters (pre-editor) of Collected, I thought I should pop on here to discuss a couple behind the scene happenings. I do want to start off though by saying, this whole year has been a huge learning experience for me as a writer. Not only am I diving more into the realities of self-publishing and what I need to accomplish, I am finding better ways to make my writing time more efficient. I’m also learning a lot of the business end of things behind the scenes. When I launch my debut novel, I want to be able to do this in the best way I possibly can to make this a proper release. I also want to make sure all my ducks are in a row.

Some of those ducks are in the legal spectrum of self-publishing, including getting an official waiver together. Spoiler alert, one of the characters in Collected is actually based off a real life friend of mine.

Other ducks include things like finding an editor. I am presently ‘editor shopping’ if you will. I am also looking at ways to help raise funds to cover the cost of hiring a professional editor. I have been learning the different types of editing and of course deciding which one is best for me.

Hiring an editor is very important to me and this process of self-publishing. It’s not something I will back down from, because I am very passionate about being an author and sharing these stories I’m writing. I’m equally passionate about wanting to make sure what I publish is in its best possible form for my readers. I am not okay with self-editing my books, no matter how confident I can feel in my writing. I know I make mistakes and if I’m going to sell a body of work – I want to make sure that I did everything I could to keep it as error free as possible.

With that said, as you know I am releasing the first four chapters of Collected pre-editor. Doing this without a professional set of eyes on it has me nervous, I’ll admit. However I really want to share at least some of this story with all of you. So here is the official posting schedule for the upcoming four chapters.

Collected Chapter Release Schedule
• Chapter One – Wednesday, October 10th
• Chapter Two – Friday, October 12th
• Chapter Three – Monday, October 15th
• Chapter Four – Wednesday, October 17th

Now as I mentioned, I am looking at ways to raise enough funds to cover the cost of hiring an editor. One of those venues that I have opted to do was set up a PayPal.Me link so if anyone around wants to simply donate directly to my cause of hiring an editor, you may do so through the safety and security of PayPal. All money sent to me will go towards the hiring of an editor. If you do decide to donate anything (even if it’s just $1.00USD), I ask that you please add a note to the transaction to include what name you publicly would like to go by. Since any donators to this will be listed on a special thank you page in the published book. So if you would like to donate, just click the button below and you can enter any amount.

Speaking of the published version of this book, I have had to face some serious reality. This is a hard pill for me to swallow, because from the moment I started writing Collected back in November of last year I knew I wanted a late 2018 release. Unfortunately, with what needs to be done yet, set up, further planned out, and so forth – I am in a position where I have to push back my ideal date; however not by much. I am now looking at an early 2019 release. As soon as I am able to have an official release date set in stone, best believe I will be sharing it! In the meantime, I am working on more informative posts of behind the scene activities on this self-publishing journey to share with all of you.

On a final note here I do want to express, I am so thankful that I am able to learn what I need in order to successfully put my book out there. I am also thankful for the help I have around me, as I know a lot of self-publishing authors are literally a “one man show” as it were. I am also extremely thankful to all of you who are on this journey with me.

XOXO, Jane

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