Well after reading just one book, I think it’s safe to say I can add another author to my favorites list. His name is Dathan Auerbach and his debut novel Penpal has me pretty sold on his style of writing. He also has me wishing I was a Reddit user, since that is where Penpal originated in the form of a short stories series that intertwined. His stories actually inspired short films and his audience grew well enough that he was able to turn it all into this beautifully disturbing debut. How I even discovered this book was a suggestion made by Amazon. It was actually for the eBook version, but after reading the synopsis I just knew I had to get a physical copy.

The concept of this story is a man recalling his childhood memories. It goes darker than that though as it’s really a puzzle being pieced together of what really happened in his youth. An interesting take on how our minds can play with us. How bad things can really be happening, but it’s like these invisible shields work to disfigure reality to make it less ugly in our minds. This especially applies when we are children.

How much do you remember of your childhood? The question properly asked at the beginning of Amazon’s description for this book. The answers for this particular character’s life will certainly leave many readers haunted for at least awhile after reading.

If you are looking for a good read on the darker more disturbing side this Halloween season, I highly recommend this book. It is not very often that I find myself responding in “WTF” thoughts, but in the best of ways. I was hooked from the very first chapter and found myself trying to piece it all together as well. The disturbing truths came only minimally predictable as the reality ended up being so much darker.

– Jane Ridgewood

If you would like to check out this book for yourself, it is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For more information on author Dathan Auerbach and his other works, be sure to visit his official website at!

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