Collected: Chapter One

Today is both exciting and a bit nerve wrecking for me, as I am bringing forth the first chapter of Collected! Please keep in mind this is pre-editor and some things may change before final publication. As mentioned in a previous post (see: Debut Novel Update) I am currently accepting donations to help cover the cost of an editor. If you would like to donate, I will include all that information after the chapter. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!




The morning sun poured in with a golden sheen through the cracks in the white blinds of the bedroom window. Rian Endlsy remained sprawled out on her bed, half beneath the heavy comforter. Her eyes shut, but her mind wide awake. She hadn’t slept well in the night spending most of her time in the bathroom vomiting up the intense amount of alcohol she consumed while attempting to console herself. It was her thirtieth birthday and while most ladies dreaded this day, up until the night before she had been looking forward to her own.

“Move to Michigan with me…” she whispered out to herself. “…come be with me please. I need you there.” Rian sighed heavily; feeling as though her heart sank even deeper inside her with each replaying thought of the day her now ex-boyfriend Dillion of nearly four years convinced her to move across the country with him. Despite the protesting comments from loved ones back home in Florida, she made the move. She knew this move would cement them further in their relationship. Rian was so convinced he was going to propose.

“Fool.” she scolded herself.

Her eyes fluttered open then as the warmth of sunrays began to cover her more. Her body squirmed slightly as she stretched along the soft cotton sheets. Rian moved her arms to push the heavy comforter the rest of the way off, but she made no further effort to actually get up. She just laid there staring up at the ceiling as tears slipped from the corner of her eyes and ran alongside her head towards her brunette locks that lay on the pillow.

Buzz! Buzz!

The sound of her cellphone vibrating on the night table was enough to send her sitting straight up on the bed. She looked over at the phone with narrowed eyes, as if silently cursing it for startling her. Then her face fell slack as she looked with disappointment as the phone continued to go off. It was likely someone from back home in Tampa wanting to wish her a happy birthday. Wanting to tell her they loved her. Her hand lifted in motion to reach the phone, but it dropped quickly along the bed beside her.

I can’t answer that. Rian thought to herself. They’ll hear it in my voice. They’ll tell me they told me so. With a slight shake of her head she sighed heavily. I can’t tell them. Not today.

Rian threw her legs over the side of the bed and sat there a moment. Her mind had raced continuously going over the events leading up to the eve of her birthday. She had been so proud of him. Of his promotion in the law firm and the partnership they offered him in the company’s new Grand Rapids office. When he asked her to make this move she didn’t second guess him. She didn’t listen to her family and friends who suggested this wouldn’t be good. She didn’t listen and now she found herself alone on the morning of her birthday, sitting on the side of the bed heartbroken. He had dumped her the night before.

Tears welled in her eyes as she slowly rose from the bed. He left her for another woman that he had been secretly seeing for the past four months. Making that relationship begin almost immediately after Rian moved to this town with him. Rian imagined the other woman to be a lot smarter and prettier than she. Why else would he leave her after nearly four happy years together? Well, she had thought they were happy. Maybe the rumors of his flirting around town back home were true.

“Idiot.” she scolded herself as she made her way to the large dresser to pick out an outfit for the day. She couldn’t stay home today and hide from the world as much as she would have liked. For not only did her now ex-boyfriend make his confessions of deceit, but he was already planning to come to their briefly shared apartment to get his belongings. Slipping on a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater, she made her way into the bathroom to finish getting ready.

Once she was all dressed and as ready to go as she could manage, Rian grabbed up her keys and purse on her way out the door. She bounded down the steps from her third floor apartment. The fast paced motion making her nauseated, but as she glanced at the clock on the wall before she exited she felt the urge to vacate promptly. She didn’t want to run into Dillion on her way out. Not today and perhaps not ever if she could continuously avoid him.

As the breeze caught her hair while she made her way to her car in the parking lot, she realized she had nobody she could turn to. Too many back home would tell her what she didn’t want to hear. She hadn’t really met anyone yet in the area she lived now since her focus had been primarily setting up their home and looking for work.

Getting in she started up the engine and slipped her seat belt on. Her purse now lay on the passenger seat. Rian sat there a moment with her hands carefully placed on the wheel. “Where the hell am I supposed to go?” she questioned herself before hearing a car approaching. Her eyes widened as she snapped her head to look in the direction. Relief sweeping over her as she realized it wasn’t him. He wasn’t there yet.

I gotta get out of here. Rian frowned as she put the vehicle in drive.

Making her way towards the street she really had no idea where she was headed. She just drove around town for about forty minutes aimlessly until she spotted a large mall. Though she was unsure how she felt about being around people in general, she felt an odd pull towards the place as she turned into the parking lot.

Maybe I can just walk around for a while. She thought to herself as she found a space towards the back of the lot. It seemed like a long walk from her car to the mall, but as she slipped the strap of her purse onto her shoulder and got out of her vehicle she headed towards the main entrance.

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5 thoughts on “Collected: Chapter One

  1. Hey Jane! Long time no see! I truly liked this post but what puzzled me was the name Collected. Why did you name thos series Collected? And I also came to tell you that I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award which you clearly deserve!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! ❤ So these first four chapters are part of my upcoming debut horror novel. The title will make more sense as the reader dives further into the story. 😉

      Also thank you so much for the nomination!! ❤ ❤

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