Just A Writer Vent

Sometimes I think I just put way too much pressure on myself as a writer. I am currently working hard between two novels; one is on the cusp of being my debut while the other is making a strong fresh start in the writing process. I love working on multiple projects and I don’t feel overwhelmed in that aspect. It’s just that I have been focusing on trying to write up a proper synopsis for both Collected and Vini’s Story, and I feel like it’s taking me longer than it should be!

Really I feel like since I know these stories like the back of my hand at this point – it really shouldn’t be that difficult to write up that little book blurb. However it never seems to fail that my brain stares at a blank page unsure where to start when writing this darn thing up for either story! Why does it have to feel so difficult to write a proper synopsis for a story? Not just any story, a story that I myself wrote and am writing?

Part of me thinks I am overthinking this and that’s why it’s become such a challenge. I’m just so tired of giving super brief two to three sentence descriptions on each story. I so badly want to be able to give nice, well written synopsis for potential readers. You know that little blurb that will catch their interest and pull them into wanting to read the actual story written out.

I have to say though; this frustration has me oddly inspired on how to handle blog posts this month. I know in times of a NaNoWriMo event I tend to post a lot more in regards to the project of the month or the event itself. However, I think I may work on some writing development and exercise type posts throughout this month. Not that I don’t intend or plan to share anything NaNo during the month, but I think I may keep it writer focused in a slightly different way this time around.

If you’re a writer, do you struggle with writing out a synopsis? Or do you find them easy? What’s your trick if it’s easy to you? Or do you share my pain here? Ha! Let me know in the comments below!

XOXO, Jane

17 thoughts on “Just A Writer Vent

  1. Synopses are hard for me too. It’s like, how do you break your story down into just a few short sentences? When I really get stuck, I read some synopses from my favorite authors just to get the voice, flow, and pace of the descriptions they use. But I also think after a certain point of talking about your book so long, it’s easier to shorten the synopsis down, like playing a game of telephone or retelling an anecdote of your day three hundred times to different people. Every time it looses a little detail until its down to the bones of it. Good luck!

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    1. You know… I literally have no idea why I didn’t really think of that before. Thanks for the solid advice! I will definitely have to read over some of my favorite books to get a good flow/vibe in synopsis writing. I may also need to try actual talking of my stories more often. ❤


  2. Writing synopses are also hard for me. I also have a problem with overthinking. And when I am able to figure out a synopsis, it’s one or two long sentences and makes the story sound generic. It doesn’t sound catchy to me. So yeah, I share your pain. Good luck!


  3. Great read! I totally agree with you – synopses can just be the HARDEST things to write ever – you want to hook the reader’s interest but not give too much away; make them invested in the story without spoiling any plot points. It’s honestly a nightmare. Hope you find what you’re searching for. Good luck! 🙂

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  4. A synopsis is such a difficult task it has taken me several times to come up with the right one over these past 4 years. Eventually it will click for you Jane. Hang in there, it’s a very long process. It will continue to help you grow as a self-published author/writer. I’ve been on the tail end of beating myself up when it comes to my ways and writing style. I’d like to say to you, give yourself free time away from writing for a while. The best thing a writer can do is step away from writing to recollect themselves. Inspiration will strike you when it’s least expected.

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      1. Any good writer needs a break and plenty of time to find inspiration and clarity Jane. The more we write, makes us think harder and it leads us to writers burn out. I’ve been there several times. These days though I manage to balance out my writing and every day life.
        Your so welcome!

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