Behind Schedule

Have you ever been so inspired to write, but time and energy seemed to be fighting you? Yeah, that’s pretty much how my start to NaNoWriMo has been thus far. Granted I stared off the month on day two of my six day stretch via my day job. Admittedly, while I do love my day job – it can be quite draining on me during these stretches at times. This was definitely one of those times. My days have been consumed with being busy, as beyond the shifts at work I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life lately. I have managed to get at least a tiny bit of words in daily so far, but I definitely have some major catching up to do.

Technically to be on par with the month’s 50,000 word count goal, at the end of today (day 7) I should have at least 11,666 words. Where am I actually at? Or more accurately – how far am I really behind? As of this post going live I sit at only 3,613 words. That means I am behind by 8,053 words!

Okay, don’t fret – because I’m not actually fretting here. I am definitely confident that I can catch up. While the remainder of this week is on the busier side of life for me, I do have three days off where I have nothing major going on. Thus, I am planning to get as much writing done as possible to catch up. Plus I do plan to write in the meantime as much as I can in between life happenings.

By this time next week my hope is to be at least on par with the 50,000 words goal, if not ahead of schedule. I know I have to be kind to myself in this coming push to catch up, but I really want to see myself succeed in the overall goal. I mean by this time next Wednesday we’ll be just one day shy of being halfway through the month. Even still, I know that won’t necessarily mean it’s impossible to catch up. I just want to dedicate as much time as I can to focus on my writing right now. And in regards to NaNo – I just want to at least be on par with my daily writing for it.

If you’re participating in National Novel Writing Month, how is it going for you? Let me know in the comments below!

XOXO, Jane

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    1. Thank You!

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