My Thrill Club – November 2018

I first want to apologize for my lack of pictures this month. When I went to take images for my unboxing, my camera was having some difficulties. It’s nothing that I can’t fix, but the fix is a kind of tedious process that I just don’t want to take the time for right this minute. So I have opted to do this month’s unboxing post a little bit differently. For those of you not in the know, My Thrill Club is a monthly book subscription service that includes two hardcovers and a few eBook per genre they support. Their chosen genres are Horror, Crime & Mystery, and Thriller & Espionage. I personally get the ‘Horror’ edition and if you’d like to see what I received this month keep on reading!

Naturally after opening the box as per usual, I was greeted with that classic red tissue paper so neatly tucked in the box around the two hardcover books. Like the past couple of months, I didn’t receive any sort of insert that indicated who packed my box. I actually like when they do that, just because I always felt it gives the boxes a personal touch. Maybe this is something that will eventually pick back up again.

After I removed the red tissue paper I discovered two beautiful brand new conditioned hardcover books. First up I received Robert Bloch’s Psycho: Sanitarium by Chet Williamson. The story sounds really intriguing, but it also sounds like it will make more sense to me if I read Psycho by Robert Bloch first. Still I am happy with getting this book and it gave me a great excuse to buy another book I haven’t read yet. Alongside that was Travelers Rest by Keith Lee Morris. This is another one that sounds really good and fortunately, I don’t feel the need to read another book before it. Thus I will likely dive into this one first out of the two.

The eBooks were sent in a newsletter earlier this month. Members actually receive the eBook for each genre, but I think this time around I’ll just list the one for my genre. The Horror eBook this month is If You Go Down Into The Woods by Seth C. Adams. Another one that intrigues me!

Overall I am again happy with the selections I’ve been sent. Though I really need to start cracking into some of these title when I visit my TBR (to be read) pile and start doing some book reviews on here.

If you enjoy Horror, Mystery & Crime, or Thriller & Espionage I definitely recommend checking out – and no, I’m not an affiliate or sponsor. I just genuinely enjoy this subscription box.

XOXO, Jane

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