Writing Goals of 2019

Honey I’m home! I would love to thank all of you who have been supportive and understanding to my disappearance (see previous post for why). Now this impromptu hiatus obviously lasted longer than intended, but sad to report things are still going on with my mother’s health. I am however (as you can see) making my return to the blogosphere with my writing goals of 2019. Yes, yes, I know that most people usually make these types of posts somewhere in December or January. I am not most people though and since I am just now returning at the beginning of February this is when you get my post of goals for the year. So grab a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and keep on reading to see what I hope to achieve as a writer this year.

Perhaps this is where I take a moment to admit I’ve not always been the most organized writer. Okay, let’s face it – person. I mean, I’ve stayed ‘organized in my own way’ sure, but I definitely see some areas where my organizational skills could use some serious improvement. I also find myself more focused than ever in really wanting to reach certain goals for myself as a writer. So taking those two things that I can recognize about myself, I came to the conclusion that making a proper list of writing goals to focus on this year is a solid idea. I’m really considering also doing monthly to bi-monthly goal updates to keep myself accountable. If you’d be interested in such a progress tracking post let me know in the comments.

Now for my actual writing goals this year…

• Publish Collected
Yes, my first beautiful little book baby shall emerge into the published world this year! This is definitely a huge priority for me as I plan to release this book before summer. Initially I did have plans to release late last year, but as I further dived into the project I realized I had a lot more work than I initially thought. Granted I still have my fair share of work yet to finish up on this one, but my goal remains the same. This book is getting published this year! I will become an officially published author with my debut horror novel!

• Write 6 Short Stories
Technically I created my WattPad profile back in 2014 when I first heard of it. However at the time and up until recently, I allowed my insecurities to prevent me from further diving into what the site really has to offer writers and readers. It’s easier to live in a shell, right? Yeah, well here I am ready to bust out of my shell and really get things done. Plus I really just want to start utilizing this space to provide some free content for my readers. Now I’m not going to limit myself to six stories, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself in my goal setting.

• Complete Vini’s Story
As of 12:00am (EST) the first chapter of Vini’s Story officially launched on my WattPad profile page. This has turned into a sort of side project that I am going to be adding to one chapter at a time. The original first draft was written in November of 2016, but so much has changed and evolved in the process of creating this story that (despite not being horror) I feel very passionately about writing out. I definitely hope to have all chapters completed and added by November of this year – but definitely before the end of the year. Now this isn’t a project that I intend to publish in actual book format. At this time, this is something I only intend to write out and share for free to readers via my WattPad page.

There you have it! I know three goals may not initially look like a lot to some people, but truthfully what will go into those goals is a lot. Plus I really don’t want to overwhelm myself by getting bombarded with an unrealistic set of goals for me to reach right now.

Are you writing this year? Or are you focused on something else entirely? What are your goals of 2019? Let me know down in the comments.

Jane Ridgewood

12 thoughts on “Writing Goals of 2019

  1. Good luck with your short stories! Hope your publishing all goes well 🙂
    I’m currently re-publishing my first attempt at a historical novel, since I originally released it at odd hours and days without any clear schedule – so no-one read it. Hopefully doing it on a weekly basis will bring a more consistent audience. *crosses fingers*

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  2. I am a tea addict or Tea-aholic, too. I wish you all the best with your goals for this year.
    I am still wandering aimlessly, just writing, creating, hoping for the best, but without any real direction in mind. I would love to be published, but I am not really working towards it. I am enjoying writing lots of varied stuff and enjoying the positive feedback. I have also found blogging to be quite a friendly, supportive and ego stroking experience. It is quite addictive. Like Tea. 🙂

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    1. Yay for a fellow tea addict! ❤ Thank you so much! 🙂

      Well there is certainly nothing wrong with wandering aimlessly as you focus on just writing and creating. When the time is right and you feel ready to prepare for publishing you'll find your direction. 🙂 In the meantime yes, the blogging community (or blogosphere) can really be quite a positive experience!

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  3. Great goals. Good luck with publishing Collected. I am starting up an indie author spotlight in the next few months. Let me know if you would like a spot once the book’s out 🙂

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