She’s Not Here

Recently I finally took the opportunity to borrow the e-book version of the captivating thriller She’s Not Here by Mandi Lynn. This is the author’s third published novel, but the first I’ve gotten to read of her work. The concept of the story definitely caught my attention from the get go. You have Willow who works at a hospital alongside her doctor husband Randy. Willow’s father battles Alzheimer’s and after watching her father’s struggle it’s fair to say the woman becomes obsessed with finding a cure. Upon discovering that research was being done over the concept of a serum that could potentially in turn cure the progressive disease Willow takes the risky opportunity of secretly kidnapping one of her husband’s patients to use for experiments in her efforts of finding the cure.

Now the plot of this book probably caught my attention right away due to my day job working as a CNA and Medication Aide. After working with many who have been affected in various forms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, it’s perhaps a bit easy for me to feel extra intrigued as a reader to the concept of the story. I got to say though from the moment I started reading, I was absolutely pulled into the story being told. I genuinely found myself finding difficulty in putting this one down despite one flaw that I unfortunately found quite a lot of.

Okay, okay, hang in there. I only have one real negative comment and I’m going to make this as brief as possible. Quite often I stumbled into the dreaded type-o. Not just one or two, or even just a handful. I found a lot of them. Especially in the way of misused similar words (i.e. ‘women’ instead of ‘woman’) and forgotten spaces. I’ll give the author the credit that maybe something went wrong in the converting to the e-book edition of the book. Personally I have no idea (as of yet) what all goes into formatting and all the fine details of preparing a book for publication. So I really don’t want to focus too much on the negative, but for the sake of giving a full fair review I felt it important to mention here.

However, I definitely encourage readers to pick up a copy. Yes I’m serious. Look past any mistakes made and embrace the story being told. The story itself is solid and Mandi Lynn really did a good job delivering an interesting thriller. So much so that quite frankly I will definitely be purchasing a physical copy of this book. Regardless if the same technical mistakes are to be find in that as well or not. I just genuinely really enjoyed this story and how it unfolded.

This may have been my first time reading a novel by Mandi Lynn, but I assure you it won’t be my last!

– Jane Ridewood


If you’re interested in checking out this book for yourself, you can purchase a copy online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Author’s website!

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