Plum Deluxe

Well it is official folks; I’m in love… with a new tea brand that is! Awhile back Sophie from Plum Deluxe reached out to me about the Oregon based tea company and inquired if I would interested in receiving some samples to review. Naturally after heavily looking over the company’s website (and let’s face it drooling at all the tasty sounding options) I agreed! Now just like all of my reviews though, I will give you my 100% authentic opinion. Though I’m pretty sure my opening line gave you a bit of a spoiler.

The day the Plum Deluxe package arrived in the mail I received a few sweet surprises. When I opened the properly colored package and saw the amount of samples my jaw literally dropped! I was expecting maybe like literally tops two tea samples. Instead they were kind enough to send me six tea samples, a packet of their Orange Blossom Honey Sticks, and a packet of their Maple Dust! I’m not talking small samples either. I got mostly full size products. In fact only two of the tea samples were just big enough for one cup each; the rest seems to be full size product! I also got a lovely hand written note from Sophie in an adorable Plum Deluxe card.

The teas I received are the Reading Nook Blend Black Tea, Mindful Morning Black Tea, Pineapple Pop Herbal Tea, Noble Blend Green Tea, Self Care Blend Herbal Tea, and Coconut Macaron Dessert Tea. All of which I found absolutely delightful. I was surprised at how flavorful and distinct each blend was. I was not disappointed, but I do want to disclaimer that I prefer a really strong flavor in my tea. So while admittedly the instructions on each packet said to use one teaspoon, I found when I used one and a half to two teaspoons it was more to my personal liking. If you try this brand I would recommend the first cup (of each flavor) to follow their instructions before deciding to go stronger.

As far as the bonus sweet treats they sent my way, the honey sticks are perfect! No seriously, the Orange Blossom Honey Sticks I received – one stick is literally the perfect amount of honey for one cup of hot tea. The Maple Dust was admittedly a new thing for me to try with my tea. I honestly can say I don’t think I’ve really heard of it before. It’s something that can not only be used to sweeten tea (or coffee), but you can use it in baking as well. I may have to try to find a good recipe to bake up a sweet treat sometime. As far as using it my tea, it actually did offer a lovely sweetness to the flavor of the hot beverage.

With the Maple Dust I do want to add, that it’s not the kind of sweetness you want to overdue, but it’s a lovely one to enjoy when you’re in that mode of curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good cozy read. It’s definitely that little bit of sweet perfection to add to the mood. I think finding a recipe for some sort of yummy baked good using the Maple Dust to go with a hot cup of tea in that scenario may also do wonders.

I am definitely pleased with what I have sampled in this brand thus far, and I will definitely be making my own purchase to try more of their products! I feel like they have a ton of options. They also have some pretty cute tea accessories I would love to get my hands on, and I’m even debating signing up for their monthly subscription box. Because what tea addict wouldn’t love a unique tea automatically arriving to their door each month?

Overall I would definitely recommend to my fellow tea lovers out there to try out this brand! You can visit them on their website at!

I do want to say thank you so much to Sophie and the Plum Deluxe team for thinking enough of me to be so kind to reach out and send samples. It’s been a real pleasure trying this brand of tea out!

– Jane Ridgewood

6 thoughts on “Plum Deluxe

  1. They just started shipping to the UK and I can’t wait to order some of their teas! They are sending me some to review and i can’t wait for them to get here knowing they are on the way has me so excited! ❤️ 🍵

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