Goodbye Posting Schedule

I absolutely love having a posting schedule. I enjoy knowing that posts will be up three times a week by a certain time on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. However it’s obviously been a struggle for me lately to keep up with the normal schedule. So after careful thought, I really feel that for right now I am removing my schedule and just going to post when I can on here. I have a list of post ideas that I am definitely inspired to do. I even have 6 posts right now in draft mode (including two short fiction pieces I was tagged to do via a picture prompt). So what’s creating the struggle?

Well simply put, I am writing a book! I have until the end of March to get my manuscript ready to hand over to an editor. The stress of trying to get both work on the novel as well as all these posts done for the blog just sort of hit me a little too hard right now. I really feel I need to step back just enough from the blog to where my writing time can be focused on getting Collected done right now.

I am publishing this year and beyond the writing itself, there is a lot of business stuff being taken care of behind the scenes. None of which I can quite speak on publicly just yet – but the information will start coming soon enough!

For now though I just wanted to pop on and inform you all that yes, the posting schedule has been temporarily lifted for me while I work hard on this novel. I also wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who are on this journey with me. I am so excited about what is unfolding this year and I am anxious to spill the beans to you all as soon as I can!

Jane Ridgewood

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Posting Schedule

  1. Really thoughtful of you to notify your readers about the change in schedule. I don’t have a posting schedule I just concentrate on giving my readers quality content as much as I can. All the best Dear

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  2. Fantastic news on your upcoming book! Hope it all goes well. I’ve certainly found that scaling back blogging to once a week has helped me focus on improving my stories a lot & taking the time to make each post the best it can be.
    Wishing you all the best of luck! 😀

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