Writing Goals Progress Report #01

I know I only announced my writing goals early last month, but I’m thinking perhaps I’d like to do a quarterly update on my progress. Now since we are fast approaching the end of the first quarter I thought it would be as good a time as any to get the first progress report on my goals up. So if you’re interested in knowing how I’m doing, grab a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and keep on reading!

• Publish Collected
I obviously have not published yet, but things are in the works. I have some chapters ready to go to an editor, but not as far into my manuscript as I’d like to be… admittedly. My mom, bless her wonderful reading heart, has taken on the task of proofreading for me. We’re going through a few chapters at a time so I can fine tune a little bit easier. I do still plan to hire an editor to look over my completed manuscript when this process is all done. My mom is a huge reader and this is also kind of serving as a ‘beta reader’ trial I guess. I’ve yet to use beta readers of any sort outside of the blurb for Vini’s Story. I’m actually already considering maybe a few for the next novel. That’s still very foreign territory to me I feel like. Anyways, I am not sure on a page count quite yet – as I am still learning formatting. Although I am kind of taking a break from that writer’s homework at the moment until I can get through these final pre-editor edits.

• Write 6 Short Stories
I don’t think this goal is at all impossible, but I haven’t even really started too much into it. I’m writing the first one of the year next month for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s actually going to be a sort of prelude to Collected, so I’m definitely excited. Here’s the only thing I’m going to share about it for now, the story focuses on my antagonist. Oh…and of course once it’s all written, edited, and ready to go – it’ll be a freebie on my WattPad profile. As far as other stories go, more information about them will come out in due time.

• Complete Vini’s Story
Okay I keep changing my mind on the direction I want to take with this one. It’s complicated. I don’t really want to infringe on another writer’s creativity, but at the same time this character started off in a creative writing RPG (role playing game). My initial excited inspiration stemmed from something I was going to use in game, to writing her life, from her view. Well that life of course involves other characters originally created by others. I’m debating if I should add this into the tag “fan fiction” as well and go with what feels right to the muse. I could change character names and even include a “note from Vini” at the beginning… I have the first two chapters of Vini’s Story up for free reading on WattPad now, but I am honestly feeling kind of stuck on how best to proceed with the whole thing. I really want to stay true to the muse, but I’m struggling including events that actually took place during her RP existence. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this one in the comments below!

Well there we have it thus far. I feel like not a whole lot of progress to really report, but it’s getting there. Hopefully my next check in will be a lot more eventful!

I do want to note that (since not everyone follows me on Facebook and/or Twitter), a lot of exciting things are happening behind the screen right now. I can’t share all the details yet – or okay any at the moment, but soon. I should be able to start sharing some stuff very soon. Pretty darn excited for things that are occurring and happening right now though and anxious to share them.

So how about your yearly goals? Did you set any? Are you making progress? Feel free to share what you got going on down below.

Jane Ridgewood

13 thoughts on “Writing Goals Progress Report #01

  1. Great goals! As for me, nope, nope, and nope. Hahaha. I set undetermined date goals. Right now, my only goal is to get out of survival mode (or should I just say to get into survival mode). I added Medium to my mix hoping to pick up a few bucks from there.

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      1. So far, they’re not working that well, but only time will tell. Book sales are better than some, so I really can’t complain (although I would love to at least sell one a day rather than one a month lol). I hope you enjoy River Hollow. I have a Halloween book planned for them in October.

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  2. Happy to have found your blog, Jane. Like you, I’m working on a debut novel that I am determined to see through to publication, but I suck at setting goals and sticking to them. More of a free flow, see where things lead kind of girl. I’m doing Camp Nano next month too so am madly prepping and trying to create a proper outline. My last two attempts were pantsed, so I’m hoping for more success, less of a schmozzle when I finish the first draft. Fingers crossed! Good luck to you with your goals!

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    1. Thank you so much Amanda! 🙂 What’s your debut novel about? What is your Camp project? I find myself enjoying outlining a little more, but admittedly as a writer I’m still somewhere between a pantser and a plotter. I do find when I have my notes organized alongside a proper outline, I am much more successful! Good luck with your goals as well! I really hope you feel free to share progress with me in the future. ❤

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      1. Hi Jane, my current project is a coming-of-age novel set in the 80s. After a great start to camp, everything has ground to a halt as I’ve had to do the finishing on our bathroom renovation. So I lowered my goal to 30,000 words and I hope I can get back into the groove once my body recovers. How are things going for you?

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      2. Camp is not going as smooth as I had hoped. A lot has been happening in the personal life as well as behind the scenes in publishing world. LOL. So while I am actually almost done with my first draft for my camp project, I’m definitely way behind. I may have to lower my word count goal as well, but really I just don’t think this short story will take as many words as I had assumed it would.


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