Twisted Desire

Right before it’s official release day (on April 16th), I had the pleasure of receiving an e-book ARC (advance reader’s copy) of Jessi Elliott’s latest release, Twisted Desire. This is the final book in the Canadian author’s ‘Twisted’ trilogy. Now admittedly, I am not normally a reader of anything ‘romance’ (something I’ve prefaced on my reviews for the first two books as well) – but this series actually pulled me in from the beginning. I’ve been quite surprised with how much I genuinely enjoyed falling into this land and getting to know the characters. Perhaps because it could be viewed as multi-genre, or perhaps because the author just writes that well.

Either way, I found myself involved again in this series as we get to step into a new narrator’s point of view. Before you continue reading though, I would like to forewarn this could be a spoiler friendly review if you haven’t read the first two books of the series, Twisted Fate and Twisted Gift.

With the first two books the story is told from the point of view of one Miss Aurora Marshall, as she is the everyday hard working college student that is mistakenly kidnapped by members of the Dark Fae and brought into their world, eventually becoming the leader of the Light Fae. Then she is involved with the discovery of The Experiment, an undercover group attempting to destroy the Fae race by turning them into humans – uncaring if they survive or don’t during the transformation.

All the while in those first two books she falls in love with the Dark Fae leader Tristan Westbrook as they ride the rollercoaster of love while handling a number of trials that go their way, until finally, I mean, finally, at the end of book two there is a way for the two to be together happily, but this involves them disappearing for a while to be safe while the real war against The Experiment takes place. Of course those who read the second book know that Aurora and Tristan do eventually get to make it home, but only after us readers were left with an unknown gap of events.

This is where we insert one Miss Skyler Chen for book three! It’s from the packed with an attitude problem Skyler’s point of view we get the story of the actual war that has to take place before Tristan and Aurora can finally come home and be with their friends. She has taken over as Dark Fae leader, who is working alongside Nikolai Sterling the new Light Fae leader to diminish the “dark and light” separation in an attempt for all (or as many as they can get) members of the Fae race to come together and take down The Experiment that threatens their kind.

Naturally there is romance between the unlikely pairing of Skyler and Nikolai. I give Elliott credit for creating these in depth characters with full storylines. I found myself as a reader actually pulled into this one, perhaps not as much as the first book – but a little more than the second book. The story really focused on the take down of The Experiment and we readers finally got to know what went down in our initial pairings absence. Truly the twists and turns in this novel were definitely compelling enough to pull the reader into the adventure.

If you’re into romance, new adult, and a sort of fantasy genre mashup, I would recommend this series for sure! Even if you’re not into the genre mashup, maybe read outside the box and give it a shot. Like me, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable it is!

– Jane Ridgewood

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