Roll Over Perspective

I woke up on the morning of Sunday, July 7th with the idea that I was going to get away for the week and clear my head. It was just going to be me and one of my best friends (that is like a sister to me). We lost her mom at the beginning of June and honestly my grief on losing someone who has been like another mom in my life really took a toll on my ability to write or do much of anything. I was desperately trying to put it into words for a blog post and kept failing. So I stopped trying and put it in my head, I was going to take this week for vacation (a girls trip we’ve planned for a little over a year) and come back refreshed, and re-focused. Well… that didn’t quite happen for us as on our travels to Northern Michigan, we ended up in a really bad car accident.

Long story short, someone swerved into our lane (thankfully they stayed around and admitted fault) and the next thing we know we are rolling (at least four times) over in a ditch on the side of the highway. The vehicle landed upside down – which thankfully we both wore our seat-belts, and I have to admit I am not exactly a delicate flower and am amazed that seat-belt held me in place. We have both expressed many times to each other since Sunday how lucky we feel that so many people came to our aide immediately. I don’t know names and I’m not sure I would recognize all their faces, but I remember pretty instantly hearing men yelling that help was coming and asking if we were okay. It was strangers who aided us to get out of the upside down totaled vehicle and called for help. It was strangers who waited with us and checked us over until the police and ambulances arrived.

We ended up both with concussions and deep bruising. I won’t lie; I’ve been feeling like a not so pretty rainbow this week with my external bruising. Some of which are already in the healing process, but those internal bruises along with the pain in my body suck still. I’ve followed up with my doctor’s office twice this week due to initial follow up – followed by increased dizziness and a strange pain that developed. At my follow up in my primary office, I was told it could take like four to six weeks for our bodies to really start healing from such an accident. Honestly though, we are both just so thankful to be alive and to know that we will (eventually) be okay. Did I mention her vehicle was totaled?

It’s strange and maybe cliché, but I really feel like my life flashed before my eyes in that moment – and I feel like I’m walking away from that accident with a new awakening perspective on life. It’s like my eyes kind of opened a bit wider.

Going forward it’s going to be a slow start, as I’m still recovering here, but in a way I feel like I just got the push I needed to get my head back into my writing. Not exactly the one I wanted, but I’m choosing to think more positively and to focus more on the positives. There is much to be thankful for and in a way (again probably totally cliché), I feel like I got a second chance at my life and my writing career. Time to get down to business!

Jane Ridgewood

p.s. Please always wear your seat-belt when traveling. God only know what your day holds and they really can save lives.

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