Bi-Monthly Goals • July & August

Pre-accident (see previous post), I had been watching a lot of “AuthorTube” videos, specifically early videos of Natalia Leigh and Kristen Martin. They were the first writers I stumbled over on YouTube and started watching. I thought it would be a great way to try and re-inspire my writer brain during the initial grieving process. It had become extremely hard to write very fast after the loss of someone very special to me, and I had been on such a roll with things. Well Kristen used to do these bi-monthly goal videos. She would make a list of goals, share them in a video and when two month was up she’d go over what she succeeded or failed at doing. She would only consider herself a success if she achieved at least 75% of her goals.

I really have to admit, I fell in love with the idea and thought instead of doing quarterly check-ins on a year round based goal list, I really want to try and break down my goals in a bi-monthly fashion. I think it might be easier and help me remain a bit more focused. Because it won’t be the same goals all year round, it’ll be like “finish outline for short story” or “finish read through on latest draft of Collected”. It could even be researching something that pertains to my writing/publishing plans.

Clearly this is something I am starting now, so here is my first list of goals for this new plan.

Goals for the months of July & August 2019.
• Finish beat sheet for short horror story.
• Release title for said short horror story.
• Start a beat sheet for new version of Vini’s Story.
• Complete beat sheet for Collected.
• Finish self-edits on latest draft of Collected.
• Start research on how to do a blog tour.
• Start creating social media marketing plan.
• Write and get 14 new blog posts up.
• Write the new ‘blurb’ for Collected.
• Hire artist to draw out another Collected character.
• Get new author photos done for website.
• Update website with new photos and information.

In order to consider myself a success by September 1st I need to achieve nine of my twelve goals, as that would be considered 75% of the list. Now in future bi-monthly posts I may have a few more goals to achieve, but given we are already halfway through the first month I didn’t want to overload myself. I do want to feel like I have a chance to actually accomplish what I’m setting out to do.

Do you like to set goals for yourself? Do you keep track of your progress? If you do, how do you like to? Let me know in the comments below! Also feel free to share what some of your goals are.

Jane Ridgewood

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