Vini’s Story • What Happened To It?

So back in January I hired a cover designer to create the cover art for Vini’s Story. I then proceeded to announce its arrival to my WattPad page starting in January. My plan was to write and release chapter by chapter starting in February. Well February rolled around and I happily shared the first chapter. Then March came before a second chapter went up that I was less than thrilled with. Then absolutely no more chapters came around. Not a single chapter since has been written or gone up. Why?

Well I do believe I’ve touched on this before, but I think where I struggle the most on Vini’s Story is that she comes from my role playing game (RPG) days. She was one of my strongest muses and towards the end, I really felt inspired to write her life story from her perspective. I felt (and still do) it would be an interesting story. The biggest hurdle I’ve run into however is that I really don’t want to even accidently infringe on another person’s creativity. So there are these key events that took place in her existence that I’m like, do I include them and rename people? Or do I re-write her history all together?

A good portion of it will be focused on her unusual upbringing. This is the stuff I created for her. I just really struggle with how to approach certain things that I’d like to keep around in her story, as they really helped shape the character into what she became. Now it’s basically a fictional memoir. It’s Vini’s life story from her perspective. So would it be infringing on another’s creativity if I wrote about certain events, from her take on how things went down? I think on this one I really need some input.

I do very strongly still feel so inspired to write this one out, despite it’s not being horror and how long I’ve been trying to get it done. I also still very much plan to post this one on my WattPad page for free reading upon completion. I just know that for now, I need to not try to stress about adding more unhappy chapters. I think I need to re-work the story by re-evaluating the direction I really want to take it. Then I’d like to create a beat sheet for it, as well as maybe have it all written out and done before releasing it to the public.

Now as much as I like the current cover, I think new artwork for a cover design is in order. I also think a freshly written synopsis and better marketing plan for when it does start releasing out to the public.

In the meantime, you can still read the first two current chapters of Vini’s Story on my WattPad page. I will eventually remove those chapters to replace them with the new, but more on that when we are actually closer to that time.

If you have thoughts on how I should treat including or not certain events for Vini’s life for the story, please feel free to drop them in the comments below! As I already said, I could really use some input on this one!

Also, let me know if you have a WattPad page. Feel free to drop your links and what you like to write about in the comments below!

Jane Ridgewood

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