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I had hoped today’s post would be a My Thrill Club unboxing, but I have yet to receive my July box. They are running a bit behind this month. So instead I’m bringing forth another fun writing related tag post. I found this by YouTube recommendation with the video for the original creator of the tag, Elliot Brooks. It was fun, easy, and maybe a little awkward to answer. So grab that cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and I hope you enjoy reading my answers!

01. Do you have bizarre internet searches? (if so, what’s the weirdest one?)
I’m going to guess my weirdest search online has been to do with the process of the human body decaying after death. I went in depth with search on each stage and the proximity time frame it took. The results I found were definitely helpful for the project it relates to. I also realize not everyone would probably be as calm on this search as I am, and if someone were to look at my Google history I would look insane. This may be a #HorrorWriterLife kind of thing.

02. Do you write people you know and dislike into your story as villains or dumb people to kill off?
I joke about this, but I’ve yet to actually do it. I may take personality traits and mix them up, but nothing that is dead set on it being after another person. I don’t feel the need to make an actual tribute of any kind to people I dislike.

03. Does personal hygiene sometimes come second to writing?
I would say most of the time, absolutely not. Only on a rare occasion when I have nowhere to go, no one coming over, and I’m just home all day writing will I consider skipping a shower or some step in my regular routine. I’m too big of a personal hygiene fan to allow anything to really get in the way of it.

04. Do you go on baby name websites to help you name your characters?
Technically I have found names on there in the past. This was mostly during my RPG days though. When it comes to my characters in current WIPs, I find names I like from people I meet. For example Rian (pronounced like Ryan) is the name of my protagonist for Collected. It was a night I was in the ER for my mom, the nurse she had on was very sweet with this unusual spelling for the name. I fell in love with it and realized it would be perfect for my girl in my upcoming debut horror novel. I actually keep a list of names from various spellings I run into, or just ones that I really like from the people I meet.

05. Do you have a list of actors and actresses that would play your characters if there was an adaptation made?
I don’t really. I mean, there is only one actress I could ever see playing Vini (from Vini’s Story), but that’s probably because I used a specific face back in the origins of Vini’s life during my role playing days. Otherwise, I don’t really have a list for my other characters as of yet.

06. Have you ever stared at a stranger because they look like one of your characters?
To be fair, I tend to stare at strangers because I like to study their features. It’s amazing how many people look alike and completely unique at the same time. Anyways, I don’t think I’ve really seen anyone that made me go “wow they look like my character” – but back in my RPG days especially, I saw a lot of people that would be the perfect faces for characters I wanted to put into play. (…okay wow that probably doesn’t sound creepy or weird at all. LOL!)

07. Do you talk to yourself to help work through scenes? (if so, where do you talk to yourself?)
That would be a hard yes. There are moments when I’ll say the dialogue out loud or just read back what I wrote. I pretty much do this whenever I’m writing somewhere that nobody is around. Part of this is playing with the dictation in how I see the character speaking, or gesturing during their conversation. It’s typically done in the attempt of finding the right words to help describe the tone in the scene. Now while I do normally do this as said when nobody is around, I have had moments where I’ve asked people I’m close with to talk in a certain way or say a certain line in a tone. Sometimes if I see it like that, I find that I can write it better.

08. While writing, do you make the expressions your characters are making?
This would be another yes from me, for pretty much the same answer as before. Descriptive purposes.

09. Do you ever practice answering interview questions in case you “make it big?”
This is such an embarrassing question and admittance, but kind of – yes. It’s not so much if/when I “make it big”, but more that I sometimes wonder how I would answer questions on my works in the future, you know… once things are published and I’m pushing myself even further out there. This little weird process is actually how I came up with the title of my upcoming horror debut, Collected.

10. Do you have a soundtrack and/or playlists for your book or scenes from your book?
I have a deep rooted love for music, but I tend to write in silence. I know during my very first ever draft of Vini’s Story I actually listened to music of a certain tone quite a bit. I have go to songs that I like to draw inspiration from when I’m not in a writing session, but need to allow my imagination to wander, depending on project and mood. I’ve never made a playlist to do with my writing or projects though. Maybe someday in the future I’ll do this. After all I do have a project waiting to be started that was completely inspired off a specific song.

There we have it! I would like to tag The Haunted Wordsmith and any other writer out there who may be interested in doing this tag. Definitely ping me back, or drop your link in the comments below if you do this one. I’d love to read your answers!

Jane Ridgewood

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