Medical Issues

I had meant to make a post late Friday, which would have been the July unboxing for My Thrill Club. The boxes were out late and mine was scheduled to get to me on Friday, which is did arrive. I however ended up having some ongoing medical issues since the car accident (see: Roll Over Perspective) worsen while at my day job that morning. I am still suffering from a concussion and actually have to see a specialist this week. I am also going to be seeing another specialist in the future here due to the accident as well. So it kind of became impossible for me to get online and write up the post. I had other posts done, some pre-written ones I was just waiting to schedule out. I just wanted to slip in the unboxing, that I’ve now opted not to do at this point.

I am so sorry, but I will try to resume the unboxing posts in August (this month). On Friday I not only spoke with my doctor’s office, but also the specialist office I am going to see. I’ve been told by both offices to avoid over stimulation, not to stare at screens to long, not to stress, etc. Basically take it super easy with lots of rest.

For that reason I’m going to keep this post super short, but I also wanted to mention if you follow me on social media and noticed I haven’t been too active – well, now you know why. It’s really hard to be my active self when I have to avoid screen time. I am hoping to be better sooner than later, and I know eventually I’ll get there. It’s just one of those things that I feel is going to take time and God at this point. Well…and perhaps the input of specialists now.

Going forward, I will schedule out the posts I have pre-written and try my best to keep up beyond that. Thank you all for the support on my blog and writing. I appreciate each of you immensely. ❤

Jane Ridgewood

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