Books I Couldn’t Finish

Are you the type of reader that once you start reading a book you must finish it? Or are you the type that can easily shut a book and walk away if it bores you? Typically, I am the reader who must finish it if I started it. Sometimes this means I spend a lot of time with one book, because it takes me forever to push myself to really read through the pages. I don’t know why I’ve always been like this. There’s really only been two books I found that I could make peace with closing and walking away from. Knowing I’d never return to these books.

Very seriously no offense to lovers of these series, but…

The first book I just couldn’t bring myself to finish was Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I give the author a lot of credit for jumping into the mind of a typical teen girl who obsesses on boys. I just couldn’t get into that mind set myself. I found myself rolling my eyes a lot, for reasons I’d rather not say in case anyone hasn’t read this series and still considering it. Plus, personal preference, I like my vamp fiction to be more vicious and less glittery.

The second book was Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. I’m sorry, but I put this one down before I got to any of the “good stuff”. This really just isn’t my genre at all in the first place. I literally picked this up to see what all the hype was about – as I know many people who are for and against this series. After hearing people banter back and forth with a rising controversy surrounding it, I wanted to see for myself. Then I attempted reading and I just didn’t mesh with the writing at all. I’m not saying E L James is a bad writer, just not an author whose work I personally can get into.

Now by no means am I stating that these are awful books. They just aren’t for me as a reader.

Have you ever not been able to finish a book? What books couldn’t you finish? Let me know in the comments below.

Jane Ridgewood

4 thoughts on “Books I Couldn’t Finish

  1. I picked up some books in Australia at a school art sale. The first I did not like, well, I liked some of it The problem was that I did not warm to the main character at all. It didn’t matter how the author added to her story to make her more interesting, I could not get past the mention that she had hundreds of casual flings all over the world (she was an air hostess). Once I knew that, I just kept on wondering why I was supposed to want her to be the perfect woman for the very nice man in the book whose parents had died and he was now the guardian of his younger siblings. All the way through the book I was scratching my head at how rude she was to some people (people who were rather rude themselves) and I am guessing that readers are supposed to like her for being quick minded? No, I just found she was making me cringe!

    One of the books was fabulous. Clever the way it weaved the lives of different characters together. It was very interesting and just did not turn out the way I expected, in fact it was full of interesting and adorable surprises.

    I have just started the third book and again I am finding it hard to warm to the main character. She is more likeable than the air hostess in that other book. But there are too many graphic description of her panic attacks – it is giving me chest pains reading it! But I do hope she has a happy ending. She seems ok, but the pacing of the book is odd. I think that several chapters have been about one bike ride to the town to get a sandwich…I am wondering when on earth she is actually going to sit down and eat the sandwich she has been carrying round for the last few pages.


  2. I am also one of those who can’t leave a book midway.
    I can understand that uneasy feeling of not finishing a book.


  3. I don’t have a problem with putting a book down unfinished. We only have so much time on this planet and wasting it on a book, movie, etc.takes away from time we could be doing something more productive. Case in point, I purchased Night of the Living Trekkies, about 1/3 to 1/2 through, it reached a point of where I wasn’t sure if it was worth finishing. What did I do, I cheated. I read the last chapter. That swung me to it was worth reading. Dune 2, or whatever it’s called. I loved Dune, but Dune 2 was so different that I couldn’t get into it. This year I got Dodie Smith’s second book about the 101 Dalmatians. I have yet to finish reading it and probably need to see if it’s worth completing.

    Not a book, but there was a movie, circa 1980s I believe. Long before I could go online and see what IMDB had to say about it. By 5 minutes in, I predicted person A would kill person B and frame person C. I kept watching because I expected a plot twist or hoped I was wrong. I wasn’t wrong – it was that predictable. I don’t remember the name of the movie or any of the actors in the movie. Online has saved me from reading books and watching movies that aren’t worth it.


  4. I loved Twilight (still have a thing for Aro lol) but the movies sucked eggs. I have to finish every book I start which means I have become more selective in the ones I start lol. 50 Shades…not in a million years (I’ve only seen the trailer for the movie and you can keep it). I am in a reading slump right now because a long stretch of not-so-great books I’ve read.


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