Born on November 12th of 1984, Jane Ridgewood is a Michigan native with a strong passion for the written word. Starting off as a lover of books quite early on in life, she easily developed a passion for creative writing in the fourth grade. It came to her during a class lesson on brainstorming and storytelling. Jane was excited to write her first story and continued writing after that. Around the age of eleven, poetry was easily introduced as a rather helpful tool in self-expression. Jane was diagnosed at a young age with mental health issues depression and anxiety, and poetry was found to be helpful for her to express what she couldn’t verbalize.

Her love of writing didn’t end there though; it only grew stronger as Jane got older. She ventured into other formats of the written word including reviews, articles, scripts, and blogging. Over the years Jane wrote for various websites. It was in 2011 that she opted to create her first blog, which successfully ran through 2013. During that time she made a guest blog appearance on The Green Mother Blog, as well as received a lot of recognition from fellow bloggers.

In the time of her original website, Jane was known as “Another Coffee Addicted Writer On The Loose”. Since those original blogging days however, Jane has traded in her coffee pot for a tea kettle. She quit all coffee beverages back in early 2014 for spiritual purposes. With the loss of coffee, she ventured further into her love of herbal tea and transitioned herself into “Another Tea Addicted Writer On The Loose”.

When it comes to Jane’s main goal as a writer, it has always been to be a published author. However she will be the first to admit her mental health issues got in the way several times of achieving her goal over the years. Fortunately she found a breakthrough in November 2016 when she opted to participate for the first time in National Novel Writing Month (a.k.a. NaNoWriMo). Jane not only successfully wrote 50,000 words before the 30 day challenge ended, but she completed the first draft of Vini’s Story. “It may not seem like much for some, but that win was a huge victory for me in finding my self-confidence as a writer. I still remember the feeling of accomplishment when I sat there realizing I had done it. It was definitely the boost I needed to push past my insecurities, see the reality that I could do this, and just go for it.” Jane has said of the achievement.

Presently Jane is focused on her debut horror novel, Collected, which is set to be released in 2019. Follow her writing and life adventures here on the official website, as Jane shares of her personal experiences with finally getting that first novel completed and published.