Jane Ridgewood’s debut Horror novel, Collected, is scheduled for release in 2019! Stay tuned to her blog and social media for more information.

The Following Are Free Novel Length Stories Available On Jane’s WattPad Page!

TITLE: Vini’s Story • STARTED: February 04, 2019 • FINISHED: TBD • STATUS: In Progress!

To the outside world, Levinia “Vini” Musso had a charmed life. Her mother was a renowned gospel singer, while her father was a successful lawyer. It seemed a young Vini was poised to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a singer, but the realities that took place away from the public eye were far from perfection. Heading into a more controversial path as her family fell apart made it clear that her life was not charmed after all.

In this tell-all of what life really was like for Vini, she shares the highs and lows of family, fame, and fortune. From how little she actually got to see her half-siblings, to how she practically raised herself. Nothing is held back from the woman who grew up with troubled workaholic parents, hard life lessons, hiding from the “cameras with legs”, and the imaginary form of her dead sister to help her along the way.