Goodbye Posting Schedule

I absolutely love having a posting schedule. I enjoy knowing that posts will be up three times a week by a certain time on the mornings of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. However it’s obviously been a struggle for me lately to keep up with the normal schedule. So after careful thought, I really feel that for right now I am removing my schedule and just going to post when I can on here. I have a list of post ideas that I am definitely inspired to do. I even have 6 posts right now in draft mode (including two short fiction pieces I was tagged to do via a picture prompt). So what’s creating the struggle?
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Title Reveal!

As things continue to shape up behind the scenes with my debut novel, I am so happy to come to this point where I feel it’s definitely appropriate to share the actual title of it. From this point on I won’t have to refer to this novel as the Untitled Horror Project. I’ll be able to use its proper name. Since the moment that I finally came up with my title, I’ve seriously wanted to just shout it from the roof tops. There was this strange desire to rush around and tell everyone I ran into. However, my gut told me the timing wasn’t quite right. So outside of very few people in my life, I held it in and continued to refer to this book as the Untitled Horror Project. Now here I am finally ready for the reveal!
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A Few Announcements!

I feel like it’s been such a long time coming to make these announcements. I am so excited to finally be at the place where I can open up and share some things I’ve been working on behind the scenes. I won’t lie; these announcements are part of why I fell a bit behind in my writing schedule. However, with them finally coming to fruition I’ll be able to find good balance in my time once again. So what are these announcements?
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