Camp NaNo Plans

As we approach the end of February, I feel like a frenzy of writers across the globe are about to hop right into pre-Camp NaNoWriMo mode. This will be that time when they pick their projects, announce them, and decide who they want to be in a cabin with. To be fair though, as crazy as it seems some of us have already been thinking of our Camp NaNoWriMo April 2019 project ideas. I for one have. Now I won’t lie, I also considered skipping NaNoWriMo’s April camp session this year so I could solely focus between Collected and Vini’s Story. Then I realized that if I stick to my plan, Collected should hopefully be in the hands of an editor in April – which would free up a bit of time. Then it hit me! I knew what I wanted to do in April.
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July Wrap-up

Towards the end of June I totally felt the buzz starting up for Camp NaNoWriMo’s July session. I knew this time around I would be active. I had already set a plan for specific posts I wanted to do here on the blog, how I was going to balance working on the Untitled Horror Project, and Vini’s Story. The latter of course being my camp project, with the idea to start a brand new outline. I set a very low goal of 2,000 words as I didn’t want my camp stuff to overshadow other writing that needed to take precedence. I still had a plan to be a lot more active than I was this time around. So much so that I purposely sought out to join or start a cabin with specifically active participants.
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Word Count Wednesday #03

We are just a day away before I can officially claim my win for Camp NaNoWriMo’s July session. I can’t believe we only have thirteen more days of camp before it’s over for the year. At least we have NaNoWriMo itself in November, right? At that point, I am hoping to be solely focusing on writing the new first draft of Vini’s Story. Balancing two projects isn’t exactly the easiest and I admit (spoiler alert), I’ve fallen behind on my Untitled Horror Project plan for the month. There will be more on that in the upcoming (long overdue) update. So as these word count posts pertain to the brand new outline for Vini’s Story, you may wonder where I am at with it now.
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Word Count Wednesday #02

We are at the halfway point of week two for Camp NaNoWriMo already! Can you believe how quickly camp is passing us by? I feel like I had this same sentiment back in April, but I am definitely more relaxed about it this time around. I think for me and my present situation, setting an insanely low goal for myself and having already achieved that has definitely helped. However, I am not finished with the brand new outline for Vini’s Story, thus it’s time to do another word count check in post.
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