Word Count Wednesday #02

We are at the halfway point of week two for Camp NaNoWriMo already! Can you believe how quickly camp is passing us by? I feel like I had this same sentiment back in April, but I am definitely more relaxed about it this time around. I think for me and my present situation, setting an insanely low goal for myself and having already achieved that has definitely helped. However, I am not finished with the brand new outline for Vini’s Story, thus it’s time to do another word count check in post.
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Word Count Wednesday #01

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA!!! While I celebrate my beautiful country, I also need to take a moment to acknowledge it’s already time for the first word count check-in post for Camp NaNoWriMo’s July session. I have set a very low goal for myself as I approach writing a brand new outline for Vini’s Story. However, it’s all for the good cause of balancing my time properly throughout the month so I can finish getting the Untitled Horror Project ready to go to an editor. Anyways, how am I doing on Vini’s Story so far?
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Motivation Monday #01

Happy Camp NaNoWriMo Month! We are officially on day two and I know a lot of people are feeling that natural high of inspiration. If you are participating in Camp this session, what is your goal to achieve? Now, I’d like you to ask yourself if that goal is the right kind of goal or if you should make an adjustment on it while we are still at the beginning of this particular challenge session.
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July Writing Plans

Sometimes we have to crack the whip on ourselves while in pursuit of our dream careers. We have to buckle down and get it done. These are points I have recently made to myself as I have sat down to look over the upcoming month. I have a draft of a horror novel that I really need to get ready to go to a professional editor (more on that in a moment), and because I am crazy I have taken on the project of writing a brand new outline for Vini’s Story as my Camp NaNoWriMo project next month. So I literally broke out a calendar and a calculator to map out what I need to accomplish by the end of each week. As I have figured this would be a more attainable goal system for myself.
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