This Isn’t Goodbye, It Can’t Be.

I wanted so badly to find only the most eloquent words to make this post. This is without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever had to share personally or publicly. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face in life. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you may already know. It still hurts to say or even type out the words. It is with a heavy heart that I share with all of you that my beautiful, loving, wonderful, amazing mom passed away on September 4th.
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Medical Issues

I had meant to make a post late Friday, which would have been the July unboxing for My Thrill Club. The boxes were out late and mine was scheduled to get to me on Friday, which is did arrive. I however ended up having some ongoing medical issues since the car accident (see: Roll Over Perspective) worsen while at my day job that morning. I am still suffering from a concussion and actually have to see a specialist this week. I am also going to be seeing another specialist in the future here due to the accident as well. So it kind of became impossible for me to get online and write up the post. I had other posts done, some pre-written ones I was just waiting to schedule out. I just wanted to slip in the unboxing, that I’ve now opted not to do at this point.
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Why I’m Not Doing Camp NaNoWriMo

As mentioned previously on the blog as well as my social media, someone very special to me passed away at the beginning of June. About a week after their passing I had the idea to write about how grieving was effecting my writing and mental health. As both took a serious hit, unfortunately that itself had become quite the challenge. I was unable to produce the post that I had self-proclaimed via twitter was coming. Obviously it never came though; as I was never able to put the words down that I wanted to put down. Every time I sat down to write it out I found myself crying in my grief and more frustrated with myself for the inability to write anything substantial.
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Roll Over Perspective

I woke up on the morning of Sunday, July 7th with the idea that I was going to get away for the week and clear my head. It was just going to be me and one of my best friends (that is like a sister to me). We lost her mom at the beginning of June and honestly my grief on losing someone who has been like another mom in my life really took a toll on my ability to write or do much of anything. I was desperately trying to put it into words for a blog post and kept failing. So I stopped trying and put it in my head, I was going to take this week for vacation (a girls trip we’ve planned for a little over a year) and come back refreshed, and re-focused. Well… that didn’t quite happen for us as on our travels to Northern Michigan, we ended up in a really bad car accident.
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