Just A Writer Vent

Sometimes I think I just put way too much pressure on myself as a writer. I am currently working hard between two novels; one is on the cusp of being my debut while the other is making a strong fresh start in the writing process. I love working on multiple projects and I don’t feel overwhelmed in that aspect. It’s just that I have been focusing on trying to write up a proper synopsis for both Collected and Vini’s Story, and I feel like it’s taking me longer than it should be!
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GRWM + Chit Chat – GRWM

I feel like if I was a YouTuber this would end up being a ‘Get Ready With Me (GRWM) + Chit Chat’ type of video. I would be sitting at my desk with a mirror and makeup, putting on my face for the day as I discuss life happenings. At the moment however, I am not a YouTuber and thus you all get a blog post. Not of me doing my makeup or explaining my morning routine. Instead, we are going to skip all that fun stuff and jump to the ‘chit chat’ portion of the video – err, post.
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July Wrap-up

Towards the end of June I totally felt the buzz starting up for Camp NaNoWriMo’s July session. I knew this time around I would be active. I had already set a plan for specific posts I wanted to do here on the blog, how I was going to balance working on the Untitled Horror Project, and Vini’s Story. The latter of course being my camp project, with the idea to start a brand new outline. I set a very low goal of 2,000 words as I didn’t want my camp stuff to overshadow other writing that needed to take precedence. I still had a plan to be a lot more active than I was this time around. So much so that I purposely sought out to join or start a cabin with specifically active participants.
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Why I’m Self-Publishing Part 2

When I had sat down originally to write out the first Why I’m Self-Publishing post, I did not have intention of making it a two part post. However, as I began to write I found myself feeling the importance of sharing pieces of my journey along the way that brought me to where I am now as a writer. In sharing those pieces though, I wrote quite a bit of content before finally getting to the answer of why. I condensed that right into a one paragraph answer, because I was afraid my initial post was just too long already. So I gave the short answer. If you would like the long version, keep reading.
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