Writing Goals of 2019

Honey I’m home! I would love to thank all of you who have been supportive and understanding to my disappearance (see previous post for why). Now this impromptu hiatus obviously lasted longer than intended, but sad to report things are still going on with my mother’s health. I am however (as you can see) making my return to the blogosphere with my writing goals of 2019. Yes, yes, I know that most people usually make these types of posts somewhere in December or January. I am not most people though and since I am just now returning at the beginning of February this is when you get my post of goals for the year. So grab a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and keep on reading to see what I hope to achieve as a writer this year.
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Family First

Hey everyone! I am so sorry that I popped on to say I was back (kind of) and then disappear again. Life has been pretty crazy behind the scenes. My poor mom has been struggling with some health issue still. One of which involves a major infection that popped up in her leg. She has already undergone three surgeries within the past month. The third surgery was actually done this morning (yes, on Christmas Eve). We aren’t even completely out of the woods yet, the idea of her needing a fourth surgery is kind of up in the air at the moment. We are hopeful to avoid it though. Poor woman’s been through enough, but the medical team taking care of her has truly been fantastic. I am so thankful to know she is in good hands right now.
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Life Stuff & NaNoWriMo

I would first like to apologize for my sudden disappearance from the blogosphere, as well as my sparse postings on social media. My mom has had a lot of serious health issues over the past few months and honestly, last month when I found myself bringing her back to the hospital I just needed to unplug from most online things. I did my best to keep up with my word count for NaNoWriMo (though for quite a bit I had fallen quite behind schedule), but other than that I really was just not worried about focusing extra attention on social media. My focus has been mostly between family and work (both in the day job sense, as well as my writing).
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Just A Writer Vent

Sometimes I think I just put way too much pressure on myself as a writer. I am currently working hard between two novels; one is on the cusp of being my debut while the other is making a strong fresh start in the writing process. I love working on multiple projects and I don’t feel overwhelmed in that aspect. It’s just that I have been focusing on trying to write up a proper synopsis for both Collected and Vini’s Story, and I feel like it’s taking me longer than it should be!
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