Books I Couldn’t Finish

Are you the type of reader that once you start reading a book you must finish it? Or are you the type that can easily shut a book and walk away if it bores you? Typically, I am the reader who must finish it if I started it. Sometimes this means I spend a lot of time with one book, because it takes me forever to push myself to really read through the pages. I don’t know why I’ve always been like this. There’s really only been two books I found that I could make peace with closing and walking away from. Knowing I’d never return to these books.
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My Thrill Club • February 2019

It’s been a couple of months since I did an unboxing post for My Thrill Club. So for those of you unfamiliar, this is a monthly book subscription service. Members can choose between three different genres (mystery, thriller, or horror) to receive two hardcover books and an eBook! What I love about the service is that not only do I get to add to my ever growing personal library, but I’m also getting cool books from authors I may not have otherwise heard of. I’ve been subscribed to My Thrill Club since August of 2017 and I can honestly say a solid 98% of the time I’m completely happy with what I receive. There is a natural (at least) 2% where I get books that I question if I’ll ever get around to, or that just make me unhappy for a different reason.
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She’s Not Here

Recently I finally took the opportunity to borrow the e-book version of the captivating thriller She’s Not Here by Mandi Lynn. This is the author’s third published novel, but the first I’ve gotten to read of her work. The concept of the story definitely caught my attention from the get go. You have Willow who works at a hospital alongside her doctor husband Randy. Willow’s father battles Alzheimer’s and after watching her father’s struggle it’s fair to say the woman becomes obsessed with finding a cure. Upon discovering that research was being done over the concept of a serum that could potentially in turn cure the progressive disease Willow takes the risky opportunity of secretly kidnapping one of her husband’s patients to use for experiments in her efforts of finding the cure.
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Well after reading just one book, I think it’s safe to say I can add another author to my favorites list. His name is Dathan Auerbach and his debut novel Penpal has me pretty sold on his style of writing. He also has me wishing I was a Reddit user, since that is where Penpal originated in the form of a short stories series that intertwined. His stories actually inspired short films and his audience grew well enough that he was able to turn it all into this beautifully disturbing debut. How I even discovered this book was a suggestion made by Amazon. It was actually for the eBook version, but after reading the synopsis I just knew I had to get a physical copy.
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