As Told By…

The lovely Britchy has updated her previous tag with the twist of using Bands/Groups. I immediately knew of a certain British girl group that I had to do this with. I’ve been a fan since they hit the States with their smash hit Wannabe. Say what you will of them, but their music got me through a lot in darker days. In case you missed my previous post, basically you answer the questions below with only a song title from the band/group you selected to use. Again, I may do this again with a different act in the future. These are definitely good for a laugh.
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My Life According To…

So the lovely Britchy over at Bitchin’ in the Kitchin made this fun tag post, where you answer questions by only using song titles to a solo artist (not a band/group). I instantly had like a few different artists that I thought this would be fun to do this with, but I picked one and will maybe do this again later on with a different artist.
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Nintendo Book Tag

Growing up with three older brothers, I can assure you video games were welcomed in our household. I actually found quite a handful over the years that I really enjoyed. When I was looking around in search of fun new book themed tags to do for the site, I came across the YouTube channel Sam’s Nonsense. This is where I found a beautiful Nintendo themed book tag! After watching her video and looking over the questions, I couldn’t help myself. I simply had to do this one! Keep reading for my answers.
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TV for the Allegedly Dying

This post almost received the title “TV for the Overdramatic Drama Queens That Don’t Handle Being Sick Well”, but clearly that’s just way too long. The premise of this challenge is to embrace those moments when we feel ill. I’m talking too ill to even read a book, when all we do is lay around watching television. This challenge was initially created by Ray of RayNotBradbury, who challenged someone else, who challenged Bitchin’ In The Kitchen, who challenged me with this.
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