My Thrill Club – September 2018

Going forward with these unboxing posts, I first feel I must ask – do you want me to include the eBook(s) given out in the member newsletter, or just stick with what physically comes in the box each month? I ask this, because last month part of my flaking out on doing an unboxing post for My Thrill Club was in part that we never received our newsletter. Well it turns out a new deal had to be made with Book Shout and as of the 4th of this month we got an e-mail with codes for each category (horror, thriller, mystery). I’m not really sure if those were for last month or this current, but either way it has me wondering if I should even focus on the eBook sharing on here at all. The boxes themselves usually come very early in the month, but the newsletters have come much later. What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below! For this post, I shall include what was in that e-mail on the 4th for horror. So let’s get on with this month’s unboxing!
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My Mentor Book Club

Are you a nonfiction reader? My Mentor Book Club offers their subscribers two hardcover books that mostly seemed aimed towards personal and professional development, though there is some nonfiction stories included in the mix. I first heard of this subscription service at the beginning of the month when I saw an advertisement via social media to get the first box free. Of course I clicked, because I love to read and this is an area of reading that interests me. Therefore this was an offer I was willing to check out.
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My Thrill Club – July 2018

It is finally time for the unboxing of the latest My Thrill Club box! Naturally I’m continuing with the horror edition of the box. Now technically I got the box itself very early in the month, however I was awaiting the monthly newsletter to finally come out so I could receive the code for the free eBook via BookShout. I was actually expecting to only receive one code in the newsletter this month, but they gave a code for each of the genres they distribute (horror, thriller, and mystery).
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My Thrill Club – June 2018

Changes have taken effect again it seems with My Thrill Club. If you don’t know what this company is, let me break it down real quick. It’s a book subscription box that comes monthly – now for the cost of $21.99 a month, but you get two hardcover books from the genre of your choice (horror, mystery, or thriller). They were giving a free code within the boxes on the info sheet for an eBook through Book Shouts. However, according the monthly newsletter that just started this month – the eBook codes will now be given through the monthly newsletter. So it seems everyone (no matter your genre) will get the same code. That’s my understanding anyways. This month, they gifted us with two eBooks in the newsletter. So without further ado here goes the unboxing!
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