Short Horror Story

Prior to a couple of rather big events that hit my personal life, I was making great progress on a beat sheet that I have going for a short horror story. I had recently read Jessica Brody’s Save The Cat Writes A Novel and felt rather inspired to try the method out. Not only did I start working on the beat sheet for my upcoming debut novel however, but I also thought it’d be interesting to see if I could make it work with a short story. I really feel I was making good progress incorporating the different beats appropriately. I wasn’t quite finished though when everything just sort of happened and I found myself in need of some healing.
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Vini’s Story • What Happened To It?

So back in January I hired a cover designer to create the cover art for Vini’s Story. I then proceeded to announce its arrival to my WattPad page starting in January. My plan was to write and release chapter by chapter starting in February. Well February rolled around and I happily shared the first chapter. Then March came before a second chapter went up that I was less than thrilled with. Then absolutely no more chapters came around. Not a single chapter since has been written or gone up. Why?
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